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3 things that won’t save a broken relationship

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Love can drive people crazy. After all, it is the most powerful emotion. When you are in love with your partner, but problems continue to occur and fights seem endless, you can try to keep everything together. However, this is a bad idea, because if a relationship will not last, the end will come sooner or later, regardless of what you do.

People who are made for each other will never try to continue a relationship with the false hope that there will be quick fixes even to the biggest problems. They will manage to fix the relationship problem by communicating and modifying behavior, but they will never do any of the following things to try to keep things together.

Having a baby

This is by far the worst thing for a deteriorating relationship because having a baby can cause more problems than it solves. Sure, you may think that sharing a life will somehow unite them, but it doesn’t. Even happy couples who have children do not always achieve it.

The divorce rate has been on the rise and is now around 50%. So, that means that half of the children born will have to endure the divorce of their parents even if their parents were happy when the child was born. This means that not only bringing a child to the partner will not help, but it could even harm attempts to fix the relationship.

In addition, having children is expensive, time-consuming and requires teamwork and good communication. If you already have problems with teamwork and it seems that you can not communicate long enough to solve your problems, what makes you think that a child will solve it? The only thing a child will do is make sure that they will have to be in each other’s life for the rest of their lives, but it does not guarantee what kind of relationship they will have.

Getting married

If your relationship is in ruins, getting married will only prolong the inevitable and add a high price to the breakup. The time it takes to plan a wedding can be the ultimate test for couples, so it’s almost ridiculously wrong to assume that if you can’t make a relationship work, will getting married help solidify the bond and bring them closer? Not for nothing.

Wedding day will be the best for you two and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Marriage is what creates a real relationship, not the wedding, so if you think that leaving aside the problems with making vows will make all other problems disappear, you are wrong.

Engaging in sexual activities that you don’t want to do

If your partner is not happy with your sex life and has been begging you to participate in something you are not comfortable with, going ahead and doing so will not save your relationship. It’s okay to surrender to each other’s desires and fantasies, but you have to remember it without the pressure to lose the person you love if it does not happen.

If you two aren’t sexually compatible, no amount of fantasies will solve that. If your partner loves you as much as he says he loves you, he would not even dream of putting yourself in a position where you are not sexually comfortable.

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