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4 books that will help you organize your home

Are you going to become independent soon? Did you just move in? Has your life changed drastically recently? These are circumstances in which using experts in decoration, order and organization, can help you organize your home and with it your life.

Your home is a reflection of you and how you feel. Learning to organize the space well and put order in every corner will help you transform your home and as a result your life. Simplifying and acquiring new routines will be key in the process and the tips and explanations you’ll find in the following four books we think can make it easier. All of them have both physical and digital versions, so you can read them as you like best.

21 Days to have your house in order

Alicia Iglesias

The 21 Days method to keep your house in order was born from the author’s personal experience in her daily life and was developed by applying it to hundreds of clients with various problems related to the accumulation or organization of times and spaces. Mixing time management techniques with others as exotic as Feng Shui or Dan-sha-ri, Alicia Iglesias has created a method adapted to Spanish reality and customs.

Alicia is also behind Orden y cleanliness en casa, a blog with a very careful content that will help you keep your house tidy, teach you how to care for your clothes and facilitate cleaning and decorating tricks.

The magic of order

Marie Kondo

“ Transform your home into a clean, tidy space permanently, and be amazed at how your life changes!” The method to transform your home into a clean and tidy space in a permanent way, has become popular all over the world. Getting rid of everything you don’t need and making some changes in your home will be key to achieving it.

At Bezzia we read this book years ago and agreed to highlight that our cabinets were not the same again. Once you integrate your method to reduce the number of clothes in your wardrobe and organize them, there’s no turning back! And just as you put order in your closet you can use it to organize your home completely.

Clean and tidy house manual

Pepa Tabero

The state of our house has a decisive influence on our mood and that of our family. If we want life to be easier and more fluid, we have to maintain order. To do this, the author of this handy manual offers us an intelligent system that will teach us to establish simple cleaning routines without realizing it.

We agree with one of the opinions we have read from this title which points to that when you start reading this book it gives the feeling to one of “handbook of the good wife”. However, it is very practical; especially for those newly independent or whose lifestyle has recently changed and have little time.

A home to live: Reorganize your home and, incidentally, your life

Lu Wei

Chaos in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom, in the bathroom… If you think the clutter rules your home and you don’t have space to breathe, here is the guide you need to order from the entrance to the dressing room. This book teaches you how to organize the space well, redistribute furniture, take advantage of light, put order in every corner of your home and, incidentally, in your life. It will do this through 300 illustrations, handmade and easy to understand.

A “click” is all you need to start reading any of them. None of the ebooks will cost you more 9,99€, a price that makes it easier to venture to buy it. Not everything they propose will fit your lifestyle, but out of all you will be able to draw small ideas to implement to organize your home. We have read most of them over the past six years and although they have very different styles, we have all got some useful teaching. Even the most obvious ones sometimes should be remembered.

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