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4 types of towel rails for decorating the bathroom

Are you also thinking of things during these days that can help make your home more practical ? I think spending so much time at home is allowing us to stop and think about things that have always been there but were not a priority.

Who else is taking advantage of this quarantine to do general cleaning, rearrange rooms, fix some damage, restore some furniture or make a list of changes that they think necessary. On my list is changing the towel rails and I wasn’t aware of all the options on the market until I thought about it. In case the same thing happens to you, here are some ideas.

Standing towel rails

The standing towel rails add a lot of style to the bathroom but are not an appropriate alternative for those of small dimensions. Why? Because they steal from us useful space unlike other types of towel rails. In large bathrooms are, however, a great option to keep towels stretched and airy.

You can find them in wood and with clean lines in numerous catalogs of Hogar. However, it is not these but the metallic ones with geometric shapes that catch all the attention in the various fashion editorials. Ideal for decorating modern and avant-garde spaces you can find them in Baquero, Inbani or Made catalogs.

Pivoting towel rails

If you have little space in the bathroom, swivel towel rails are a great choice. They are wall towel rails that allow you to hang up to four towels taking up very little space while they are dry. And what happens when they’re wet? That you can swing their respective bars so that they do not wet the rest of the towels and, at the same time, dry faster. A simple but efficient solution, don’t you think?

In this type of racks the variety of designs is scarce. Most are made of stainless steel or chromed brass and have cylindrical bars. Although it is possible to find more modern designs in anodized aluminum and flat bars such as the KOH-I-NOOR brand.

With dual function

When space is a problem but we do not share the bathroom a towel rack may be enough to keep everything in place. This type of towel rails have been designed to be placed next to the sink or shower, and therefore they usually incorporate space to place soap, shaving foam and towel.

The variety of designs is huge, highlighting those with modern lines such as those that complete our image and that you can find in the Moab80 and GD Arredamenti catalogs. Too modern for you? If you prefer a simpler accessory that fits the aesthetics of both a modern and traditional bathroom, Inda bathroom shelf is what you are looking for.

Towel Rings

The ring towel rails are no novelty in our bathrooms, but their designs have evolved everything that can evolve a simple concept like this. Stainless steel rings, so common in the past, have been replaced by other rings made of wood, burnished steel or polyurethane gel.

Worse not only has the material used for the manufacture of the ring changed, the design of this accessory has also been modified to provide greater prominence to the fastening button. We can find them flat made of polyurethane gel like Doc, round made of marble as Salvatori model or with the shape of a strap like Ever Life Design. Which one do you like best?

As important is the choice of a good layout and suitable furniture when decorating the bathroom as are accessories. These are an essential part of the bathroom and influence it to make it more or less beautiful and practical. Analyze your needs and those of your family before choosing any of them and choose from those that cover them the one you like best and best fits the style of space.

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