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5 keys to having a relaxed home

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When we are surrounded by scary news headlines and many of us are in quarantine within our homes, it is more important than ever to create a safe and quiet space.

The goal: to turn your home into an oasis, whether it is inside the house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or if you have already returned to work by the beginning of de-escalation. To make your home quieter, start by evoking all the senses: touch, smell and sound included.

Then consider limiting the amount of time you spend catching up with the news every day, while focusing more on connecting with family and friends. Below are 5 mini-movements for a more relaxed home, starting at this time.

1. Set the soundtrack

Put music in the queue that never stops getting in a good mood and let that be the “soundtrack” of your home. Keep the record on your record player or have the playlist ready to go to Spotify, and whenever you need a stimulus or when you get home after a long turn, turn on your favorite songs.

2. Choose a characteristic scent


You already know that in some stores a characteristic aroma that always seems to float in the air. Why not choose one for your home? Make it something relaxing, like lavender or palo santo. You can use an essential oil diffuser or incense burner if you have one, or mix a spray of distilled water and essential oils. Burning palo santo sticks can also create a relaxing atmosphere.

hogar relajante

3. Focus on smooth surfaces

To make your whole house textured and cozy, lay layers on blankets and pillows. Start with the areas where you spend most of your time, whether it’s the living room sofa, your bed, or your makeshift office area. Look in the linen closet or storage chest for spare blankets you haven’t taken out in a long time.

4. Smooth lighting too

Hard overhead lighting can ruin the relaxed atmosphere in any home. If you can, turn off the overhead and turn on shaded floor and table lamps. If your lamps have adjustable settings or are in dim lights, change them to a lower setting when you relax with a puzzle or watch TV as a family.

5. Set a screen free time

Maybe it’s after 9 pm, or for two hours after dinner, set a specific time so your home doesn’t have screens. Especially now, it can be difficult to depart from the headlines of the news, but if you can, it is useful to give yourself the opportunity to unzip (and your eyes the opportunity to rest).

What can you do instead of traveling for hours? How about working on a puzzle, reading, painting or even trying to meditate, either alone or with your family or flatmates?

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