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5 shoe cabinets that we love

Today we want to share with you five shoemakers that we love. But not only do we love them; we also think they can be very practical to make a place for shoes in the lobby. A space, in which it is increasingly common to find them.

And why in our hall? Because it is a very practical arrangement to be able to take off our shoes when we get home and put on the slippers, thus avoiding stepping on the floor with wet or dirty shoes. Something that will make it easier for us to clean our home.

The shoe racks we have chosen have a design that will be easy to adapt to different spaces. Shoe racks in white, black or wood finish to store up to 30 pairs of shoes that will help your hallway look tidy.


This Mackpär shoe rack from Ikea with sliding doors is ideal for decorating small hallways. These types of doors take up less space than the swing which will be very practical in narrow spaces or where it is difficult to move when the whole family meets.

In order to fit different size shoes the shelves can also be mounted flat or inclined as you can see in the catalog pictures. So you can make room for all family shoes, regardless of the number they wear.

And if you need more storage space, just put two furniture, one on top of the other. Whether you place one or two furniture on top of each other, you will need to attach the furniture to the wall with the necessary hardware to avoid overturning. Your price? 69€.


The Ode shoe rack has a steel frame, a lightweight yet durable material. It is a shoe rack made to suit your style. The collection has furniture of different sizes, to fit your spaces, and finishes being matte black one of our favorites.

The largest capacity furniture has five compartments with standard and discreet handles that respect the style of the furniture. It is delivered assembled and has an anti-roll system for more stability of the shoe rack and greater safety of the family.

Maintenance is very simple, simply clean the shoe racks with a damp cloth and a soft soapy solution to restore their shine. Ideal for any type of interiors, this piece is priced at 125€.


With the Jenson shoe cabinet to organize your shoes in the hall will be very easy. Its three deep compartments allow you to accommodate up to 18 pairs of shoes and the height of the furniture will allow the whole family to access them comfortably.

Made from solid oak with traditional methods, it has a very beautiful design with simple lines. It also features other trendy materials such as inclined legs and inlaid handles. Its veins will bring a lot of warmth to your hall and will do so for many years as a layer of varnish has been applied to make the finish durable. Your price? €399.

Vivian-Banak Matters

With a tropical wood structure, the Vivian shoe rack from Banak Importa will help you to put order in the hall. Because in addition to four double drawers to place your shoes, it presents two additional small drawers very practical to organize accessories, keys…

The height of the furniture will also allow you to place objects on the surface of the furniture, so with a single piece of furniture the entire hall could be decorated. The furniture has a reduced price of 332€. If you want to get it at this price, you only have one day to think about it, run!

Lindley — La Redoute

Lindley de La Redoute is the most appropriate piece of furniture for decorating rustic rooms today. Made from solid pine with antique oak finish this small size shoe cabinet conceals 3 folding doors to store all pairs of shoes in the family (up to 30 pairs).

This furniture, moreover, is not alone. The collection consists of a wardrobe and a matching chest of drawers, so you can decorate other rooms in your home while maintaining a certain consistency in the design. It has a price of 404,01€ and is delivered disassembled.

A hall with a shoe cabinet will be much more functional. If, in addition, you incorporate next to this a bench on which to put your shoes comfortably, a few baskets under it for children to leave their backpacks and a hang keys, you will have a hall of 10.

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