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5 things you didn’t know you should NOT put in the dishwasher

Maybe, in order to finish cleaning all the dishes quickly, you put everything without exception into the dishwasher. Actually, this is not a good option because you could spoil some of the utensils you usually use in the kitchen. You may know that there are some utensils you shouldn’t put in, like non-stick pans or sharp knives… but there’s more.

Next we’ll talk to you about some of the kitchen utensils that you can’t use in your dishwasher to prevent them from deteriorating too quickly. So, if after viewing this article you realize that you put these utensils in the dishwasher, stop doing it!


Pans and Cookware Ceramic

pots and cookware are popular for their non-stick cooking surface. The name is a little inappropriate because the whole pan is not made of ceramic – there is only a ceramic coating attached to the metal of the cookware. A ceramic coating can be applied to cast iron, aluminum, copper or stainless steel.
Always wash ceramic cookware by hand. Dishwasher detergents may contain bleach and citrus acids that are too strong for finishing.

Acrylic or Melamine Plates

Light and unbreakable acrylic or melamine tableware is very popular due to bright colors and patterns. Unfortunately, high water and drying temperatures and strong dishwashing detergents can ruin the dishes. After several washes, especially for cheaper games, there may be fine cracks and loss of color and design. You better wash them by hand.

Thermal containers

Cups and containers with plastic and metal insulation They are great for keeping things hot and cold things cold. Most are built with two layers of material with an airspace between the two. It is that airspace that provides the insulation.

While some containers are labeled as dishwasher safe, many are not. It is better to hand wash insulated plastic and metal containers. If you decide to place one in the dishwasher, opt for the top rack and skip the high heat of the drying cycle that can cause the seal to break and water enters the air gap.

Hand-painted glassware

Commercial printing techniques on glassware have improved but are not always infallible in the dishwasher. That strong detergent and the force of water spray can remove the paint in just one or two washes. Hand-painted glassware, even if the glass has been cooked with heat, should never be placed in the dishwasher.

Plastic Containers

If you store all butter or similar containers for use as storage, be prepared to lose some if you put them in the dishwasher. Intense heat can cause it to melt or deform. When placing them in the dishwasher, use the top rack only and skip the high temperature drying cycle. Remove from dishwasher to air dry.

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