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5 ways to add storage space in the shower

Gel, shampoo, mask, shaving foam, sponge… there are many hygiene accessories that we accumulate in the bath or shower. Many times we do it, moreover, in an improvised way without using the most suitable storage solution to our needs.

There are many ways to add storage space in the shower. Some can only be implemented on site; most, however, we can incorporate them into our bathroom by fixing them to the wall using screws. And if for those who want to avoid by all means having to make holes, there are also solutions! how will you have time to check next


If you are in a position to create your own bathroom from scratch bet on work elements such as niche. These holes practiced on the wall itself , in addition to being tremendously decorative, will provide you with space necessary to store all your toilet supplies.

Your bathroom is new and you don’t want to get into works? There are shelves on the market that can help you simulate these. Square and rectangular shelves that attach to the wall instead of recessed, as shown in the picture above.

Decorative Supporting Surfaces

What if you add an element to the shower wall that looks like it’s always been there? A shelf like the one you can see in the image below is perfectly integrated into the design of the shower when it extends from wall to wall. In Bezzia we find a very decorative and little exploited solution that can easily adapt to all types of showers.

The contrast of colors in this particular case makes this supporting surface additionally stand out. But we may not want it to be so and choose for it an element of the same color as the wall so that it is camouflaged in it.

Wall Shelves

Bet on shelves and wall baskets is the most popular alternative to add storage space in the shower. They are relatively inexpensive and if you change your needs in the future it will be enough to add new shelves to meet these.

You can find them in many materials and finishes so you will not find it difficult to adapt them to the bathroom decor. There are metallic, plastics, resin, bamboo… and most treated to be durable in a space with as much moisture as the shower. The pictures are from the catalogues of Nichba Denmark, Ikea, Krion and Zunto and Hoomtaook (the latter two for sale on Amazon)

Corner solutions

Corner solutions allow us to make better use of the space of smaller showers. Those with multiple shelves also become the preferred ones for families with more members, as they allow to store a larger number of accessories and do it separately.

Like the previous ones, you will find them in a multitude of materials and finishes, those made of stainless steel being the most popular for their good behavior against moisture. Most are one-piece, but you’ll also find individual stone or ceramic shelves that will add elegance to your bathroom.

Hanging solutions

Hanging solutions are those that allow us to add storage space in the shower without having to make any holes in the wall. These solutions, usually composed of one or two shelves or baskets, are designed to be hung either from the shower faucet, or from the partition.

Make sure before you buy them they will fit into your bathroom. Most solutions are standard, so if you use faucets or screens of these features you won’t have a problem implementing. But you better make sure, don’t you think? Measure the available space, consider the features of your shower and make sure you buy a solution that meets all your needs.

As you can see, providing more functionality to your shower is very simple and does not have to harm the aesthetics of your bathroom. Today there are aesthetically beautiful and current solutions, you just have to find them.

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