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6 breeds of large dogs that you won’t regret having

perros grandes

Small dogs are everywhere, while the larger ones surprise everyone. However, having a large dog is not as difficult as many people think. And they’re as adorable as little puppies. Although large dog breeds are perfect for suburban and rural life, they also live well in small houses. If they do enough exercise in the morning, they will relax and sleep the rest of the day.

Many breeds of large dogs are fantastic family dogs, such as Golden Retriever. They’re quiet and good with children. In addition, they are incredibly protective. If you are looking to take responsibility for a large dog, let’s talk about some breeds that will interest you.

Great Dane

One of the tallest dogs in the world, the Great Dane, is a dog weighing from 45 to 90 kilos that is not perfect for low people and families with young children. The dog requires attention and plenty of space to play and exercise. Despite its size, it is friendly, quiet, loyal and totally charming.


The Collie Dog is one of the friendliest breeds of dogs in history. While Collie is brave and has her own temperament, you will rarely see them angry or aggressive. Collie requires a calm, affectionate, stress-free and happy environment. They have trouble surviving in families where fights never end. Collie loves children of any age.

Labrador retriever

Labrador Retriever is another breed of large dog that you will never regret having. They’re smart, loving and loyal. They have a wonderful nature and are always here for you when you need them. They are easy to train and their maintenance is quite low. But Labrador Retriever doesn’t stand boredom, so make sure he gets enough exercise.


Are you looking for a quiet dog that will not bother you with excessive barking? The Akita dog is right for you. They are good family dogs, although sometimes they show aggressiveness, especially during mealtime. The Akita dog is not as easy to train as Labrador Retriever, but be patient and you will love the results of your hard work.

perros grandes


The mastiff has a relatively short shelf life, between 5 and 10 years, but they bring tons of happiness into the life of their owner. They are affectionate, loyal and child-friendly. Weighing between 60 and 100 kilos, you need to be very careful with your mastiff, as they are really giant.

Bernese mountain dog

Despite having a remarkably long coat, Bernese mountain dog is easy to maintain. They’re loyal, patient and playful. They love children and are very careful with them. The sad thing is that Bernese mountain dog is prone to cancer, so they live about 9 years, and if he does not lead a happy life, he will only live about 5 years.


Depending on how you breed the puppy, Rottweiler can be very attentive, kind and affectionate. You should never stop teaching them, otherwise it will be difficult to control your dog. The Rottweilers are very stubborn and confident. Sometimes they do what they want to do, ignoring their owners. However, when you have a Rottweiler, you can be sure of the safety of your family members, as this dog is protective.

San Bernardo

San Bernardo is a quiet, friendly, loyal and cute dog that will make your life brighter as soon as you take the puppy home. This dog is a little “heavy”, but it is because they love its owner and want to spend all the time with them. St. Bernard needs a lot of training, exercise and attention, so you have to make sure you have enough time and patience before you have this breed in your family.

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