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6 signs that you are in a relationship without love

Love can not be planned, it just happens or stops working. When there is love a relationship is wonderful and amazing, but it is not always so. As time passes comfort can end the relationship before you know it. If you think you are in a relationship without love, do not miss these signs that will make it clear to you and that therefore, you will have to take cards in the matter.

You say “I love you” automatically, without really feeling it


It may seem like a state of comfort, but you need to pay attention to the “love you” or “love you” that becomes automatic. It is extremely easy to fall into the comfort trap in which, even if it is not your intention, you start to take advantage of your partner. I love you becomes loving you, and before you know it, you forget why you love the person in the first place. It’s an extra letter that takes a second to say.

You refrain from ‘talking about the future’.

Dreaming about the future is one thing, but talking about it with your partner is a must if you see yourself spending the future together. It is extremely important for the health of your relationship to talk about future plans, whether they include marriage, vacation or even children. Those are the things that help relationships grow, and the moment it stops is the time when you need to pay attention.

Hugs decrease

Embracing your partner is a great sign of feel love and give it. Maybe you’re convinced you don’t usually hug too much, fair enough. However, hugs do not have to mean hours and hours of being together and huddled up on the couch. It can simply mean a strong squeeze in the morning or find yourself hugging your partner while sleeping, and vice versa.

Intimacy becomes sex


Every relationship needs intimacy, which usually accompanies sex. However, when intimacy disappears and sex is all that remains, it is when you should know that you are no longer in a loving and generous relationship. Most likely, it will become a practical time filling. No relationship can survive only with sex. Soon you will meet your physical needs met but neglected emotional ones.

Significant conversations decrease

Have you ever heard of couples with poor communication skills that last a lifetime? If so, there is not enough to use as a solid example. The reason for this is that most women need to be heard and would love to know what their partners think. If you’ve stopped having real conversations, it’s time to reassess why you stopped communicating. Maybe you need to start before you lose it altogether.

Affection seems uncomfortable

When you are in love, all you want is to embrace and be embraced by the person who has your heart. However, the opposite happens when you left the train. Whether it comes from you or your partner, you need to find out why it even plays a role in the relationship. Maybe you gained weight or your partner has developed bad breath. Either way, affection is important.

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