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9 outfits with bermuda for summer

There are garments that trends take care of returning to our lives from time to time. This is the case with bermuda shorts, a garment that in the nineteenth century made the trend by British officers and that today is used by both men and women.

Bermuda shorts and bermuda suits take on a great prominence this first-summer 2020 season in the collections of the Spanish fashion brands, as we showed you a few weeks ago. However, many find it difficult to incorporate them into your outfits. A problem that we put solution today showing you 9 styles with this garment as the protagonist.

Bermuda shorts are garments that we can cross out as risky both for their straight pattern and its length; its hem is placed about 2 and 10 centimeters above the knee. A length that forces us to pay greater attention when choosing the upper garments and especially the footwear with which to complete our look.

Estilismos con bermudas

What kind of footwear do we choose to complete a look with bermuda shorts? Sandals with heels are, without a doubt, those that best feel like bermuda shorts. Open flat sandals are another option; with them we can create casual and comfortable outfits with which to move in summer. There is another type of footwear, however, that does not do our legs any favor: flat shoes and ankle boots.

Estilismos con bermudas

Fixed the theme of footwear let’s choose the upper garments. Bermuda and shirt have always formed a great tandem. Betting on straight and structured garments in neutral colors, this combination allows us to create outfits inspired by the men’s wardrobe. If we use, however, garments made in light fabrics and in soft colours, we can achieve with the appropriate accessories proposed very feminine.

Bermuda suits are a great alternative to create more formal outfits. It is interesting, however to break that formality with more casual garments such as t-shirts or crop tops. Looking for a fresher alternative? Then combining looser bermuda shorts with a linen tank top can become the perfect choice.

And you? Do you dare with bermuda?

Images — @shhtephs, @lai_tiffany, @alexandrapereira, @anoukyve,, @brittanybathgate, @louloudesaison


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