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9 pieces of fur or fur effect for autumn

prendas de piel o efecto piel

Yesterday, when we were going over Sfera’s news for the new season, we discovered the protagonism that the skin effect garments had among them. And Sfera is not the only fashion firm that has highlighted this type of clothing in its autumn-winter 2020 catalog as you will have time to check.

In the catalogues of Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti or Uterqüe, among other firms, there are also numerous these garments. Some, like Uterqüe or Massimo Dutti bet on 100% sheepskin clothing. Others, such as Mango or Zara, prefer leather-effect garments made of polyurethane.

Although visually the leather and those with skin effect are not entirely distinguishable in the following images, the price will help you discern between each other in most cases. And what kind of clothes are we going to find for next fall? You’ll be wondering.

prendas de piel o efecto piel

Leaving aside the fur jackets, trousers, dresses, skirts and shirts become the most popular proposals from fashion firms for the next season. Among the trousers stand out both high waisted and straight cut designs as well as culotte cut. Some are complemented by matching American, would you dare with a total leather look?

Another way to achieve a total look would be to bet on skin-effect jumpsuits like that of Free People. They are more special items that will cost you to find among the new proposals of fashion firms but have them, hailas. And speaking of special garments, let’s talk about the fur tops of the next season. You’ll find them with belt, ruffle details, puff sleeves…

Shirts and overshirts are numerous in the new catalogs. Mainly, those with a basic black design. And also in black color fur dresses are presented this season. Dresses usually midi long, with a cut to the waist and with some detail of ruffles that softens their shapes.

Do you want to know where to find all these clothes?

  1. Massimo Dutti leather culotte trousers, price 249€
  2. Lillian Top Free People, price 202.30€
  3. Zara leather effect dress, price 39,95€
  4. Leather skirt with belt Uterqüe, price 229€
  5. Zara leather effect trousers, price 29,95€
  6. 100% leather shirt Massimo Dutti, price 199€
  7. Pleated skirt with leather effect Mango, price 39,99€
  8. Black leather shirt with belt Massimo Dutti, price 249€
  9. The one vegan jumpsuit Free People, price 125.80€

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