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9 Plaid American: Favorites this autumn-winter

americanas de cuadros

With the arrival of a new season we usually welcome new trends! Everything indicates that the paintings will be among these trends and that the American squares will become one of the most popular alternatives to include them in our outfits.

Forget about plain Americans. During the colder months of the year the American with classic prints and their own name such as the Prince of Wales or the Tartan will be the ones that complete our outfits. And they will become a fundamental piece of masculine style or casual cut.

You’re going to find them in all the versions you’ve ever had and there will be favourites. American with Prince of Wales print in grey tones dominate the collections next to the houndstooth in brown tones. And the oversize pattern is applied this season this garment in the most casual designs.

americanas de cuadros

How to combine them?

The paintings will have a great prominence this season and will shape masculine inspired pieces such as costumes. A way to incorporate the squared american into our day to day will therefore be the costume. An alternative for more formal occasions that does not have to fit into the style of all.

americanas de cuadros

And it’s just that a picture American doesn’t have to be formal. Depending on the cut of the jacket, the type of frame, the colors and how we combine it we can achieve very different styles. The oversice designs of squares -those that remind us of our grandparents- fit seamlessly into casual and casual outfits, while those that include red plaid combined with leather trousers or very dark skinny jeans will add a punk look to your look.

Where to find them?

Where not to find them? Most firms include checkered blazers in the new autumn-winter collections. We have found them in the collections of Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Purificación García or Roberto Verino. Spanish firms with whose pieces you can do with just one click.

  1. Zara oversice plaid blazer, price 49.95€
  2. Plaid blazer crossed Massimo Dutti wool, price 149€
  3. Roberto Verino wales blazer, price 350€
  4. Blazer oversize Zara, price 69,95€
  5. Plaid American cross crossed Massimo Dutti, price 129€
  6. Structured squares mango, price 49,99€
  7. Purificación García double fabric jacket, price 228€
  8. Zara Plaid structure Blazer, price 59,95€
  9. Plaid Blazer Button Jewel Uterqüe, price 179€

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