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9 plumeti blouses to give a romantic touch to your look

Blusas plumeti

1. Combination blouse Zara 2. Blouse with ruffle Zara 3.Top Helsinki Bimani

Yesterday we presented you in Bezzia the new collection of Bimani 13, remember it? A collection with a large presence of plumeti garments that did not leave us indifferent and that have motivated us to look in other catalogs similar garments. And although it wasn’t easy, we found them!

Plumeti is a fabric widely used in dresses or bridal accessories, characteristic for carrying embroidery some small dots. And that is the common feature of the blouses, shirts and tops that we propose today and that will help you give a very feminine and romantic touch to your outfits.

So are the plumeti blouses this season

How are the plumeti blouses we found? As for color, those in white predominate. We can find them romantic cut with lace details and ruffles, but also with a more bohemian or ethnic cut, with tone or contrasting embroidery in black or blue tones.

Blusas plumeti

1. Blouse yoke Sfera 2. Shelly Blouse 3. Blouse plumetis Pimkie

Also very popular are designs in pastel shades such as violet, yellow or sage. The straps tops with plumeti and ruffle details in these colors are our favorite for everyday wear, although we would not hesitate to resort to blouses with transparent sleeves and lacing on more formal occasions.

Tops plumeti
1. Bow neck blouse Mango 2. Ruched blouse Miss Selfridge 3. Berhska Ruched Blouse

In the youngest collections we have also found numerous designs with square neckline fitted to the waist. Combined with jeans and t-shirts can become a great tandem to enjoy this spring, don’t you agree?

Less popular but must-have when it comes to evening or party outfits are the black plumeti blouses. They usually play with the transparencies and have beautiful details on sleeves and collar. Although we have focused on this selection on designs for the day, we have seen them in the catalogue of firms like Zara or Mango.

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