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9 trench coats to complete your outfits in between season


1. Handle 2. Zara 3. Massimo Dutti

The raincoat is by definition a raincoat made of gabardine, a resistant fabric of diagonal fabric. A garment that seems to be designed for this time of year when mornings begin to be colder and rains more abundant.

They’re what we know as a demi-season garment. Many will say it is essential at this time of year, but many of us have survived without it for years. Be that as it is an excellent alternative to complete casual cut outfits.

Trench coats protect us from the cold during the fall when temperatures do not even make it necessary to use a coat. They are also designed to protect us from the rain because they are made with fabrics that although they are not always waterproof if they favor water skating.


1. Handle 2. Zara 3.

What kind of gabardine to choose?

Today we can find trench coats made in different fabrics and with different finishes. The classic, made of cotton fabrics, with lapels and loops on the shoulder and cuff are the most popular. In beige tones you can adapt them to almost any style, but you will also find them in such versatile colors as black, gray and camel.


1. Massimo Dutti 2. Adolfo Dominguez 3. Lloyds

This season is easy to find in fashion collections in addition to classic designs others with waxed or leather effect finishes . These designs usually have a more modern aesthetic than the previous ones and are ideal to give a more daring touch to your looks.

Oversized models with a hood also find their place in current catalogs. And although less popular, it is also possible to find printed designs, with the pictures being the favorites to shape this garment. More striking than plain models are not, however, so versatile.

We’ve talked about fabrics, colors, prints… but not long. You can find designs below the knee, the most numerous, but also long designs. Are you used to wear a trench coat this time of year? What kind of gabardine do you wear?

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