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Activities with music to do with children

Music has always been an activity that children have liked because it helps to connect with oneself and with the others. Below we are going to tell you some activities with music that you can do with children. Take note!

Draw music


In this activity, children literally draw the music as they listen to it. Provide large pieces of paper and pencils or wax colors and ask your child to draw what they hear. You could draw:

  • How music makes them feel
  • Wavy lines or zigzags to represent slow and fluid music or fast, crisp music.
  • Hearing beats (for example, draw short and long lines for short and long sounds)

Keep this fully open and let your child surprise you with how he performs and draws the music. Draw your own interpretation at the same time and watch how the images differ.

Hide and listen

This game tries to listen to the volume and make the right associations (high means close and soft means far). How to play hide and listen:

  • Sell your child’s eyes and hide any instrument (like a tambourine) somewhere in the room where you’re playing.
  • Tell your child what instrument he should find.
  • Your child then looks for the instrument while you play background music.
  • Explains that when music becomes softer, it moves further away from the instrument and when the volume increases, approaches it.

Dance to the rhythm of the song

This game consists of using the whole body and use actions and accessories to represent the music. How to Play Dance to the Rhythm of the Song:

  • Use accessories such as scarves, streamers, ribbons, punching sticks, etc.
  • Use your body to make sounds: step on, finger click, clap, march, walk on tiptoe, etc.
  • Play different kinds of songs: nursery rhymes, classic songs, pop songs from the radio, etc.
  • Dance freely together and let creative juices flow using the accessories.
  • A classic song might work well with a scarf or tape, a cheerful song could clap or sticks could hit together, a children’s song might march (e.g., ants march), etc.
  • Show some examples and ask your child to make up some of their own examples.
  • Finally, choreography your own song along with instruments, accessories and movements.

Let’s invent the words


This last activity is more challenging, as it will teach your child about rhyme and rhythm. How to play Let’s invent the words:

  • Choose a familiar children’s song with a fairly easy melody
  • Invent together a new name for the rhyme
  • Turns and passing line by line, invent new words for the song
  • Try to make the lines rhyme in pairs
  • Try to match the rhythm of the song

Play these games to have a good time with your family! Don’t lose detail of each of the steps and play those games with which you think you can have a fun time together while enjoying the music.

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