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Attachment in school

The figure of attachment is usually associated with parents but the truth is that this affective bond can also be establish with other types of people away from the family environment. Attachment in the classroom is the affection that can be created between the teacher and his students.

It is true that school becomes a fairly important social element for any child. Hence, the relationship between teachers and children is appropriate to achieve good development in all areas.

The figure of attachment Attachment

is nothing more than the affective bond that is created between children and their parents. Such attachment is given from the first months of age and makes the child feel safe and confidently at all times. Experts on the subject think that such a bond is necessary in any child, because it helps the good development of the little one.

Encouraging Attachment in School

Teachers should take care at all times that attachment relationships are created with their students. This is not easy and requires great effort and patience on the part of education professionals. A number of guidelines must be followed:

  • If the teacher wants attachment in the classroom, it is important to create a classroom climate based on values such as trust or respect. Communication should occur at all times between children and the teacher and solve all problems in a calm and controlled manner.
  • Empathy is an important element when it comes to getting a certain attachment in the classroom. It is good that the teacher knows how to put on the pupils’ skin to understand all their doubts and problems much better. Through empathy it is possible to create a good connection between the professional and the students.
  • Teachers should motivate students to the maximum so that they can enjoy while they are in school. In many cases children go unmotivated to school and show themselves unwillingly when it comes to learning. Motivation on the part of teachers is essential when it comes to strengthening the attaching figure of children in school.

Benefits of Attachment in School

Getting Children having an attachment in school is essential when it comes to achieving good results at the academic level. Apart from that, there are a number of benefits that the figure of attachment brings:

  • Children enjoy and get better grades.
  • Social skills are much more enhanced.
  • Little ones know how to manage all their emotions much better.
  • Greater concentrationon what they do.

In short, the figure of attachment is not only important in the nearest circle of the child, but is especially relevant in other areas such as school. It is therefore the task of teachers to create a link with students and thus obtain better results in school. Both sides are winning and there is nothing better than having students involved and a teacher happily exercising what he likes best.

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