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Back to school in times of COVID-19

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In the whole history of our society there has been a back to school with so much uncertainty. Going back to school in September is not so simple, but it seems inevitable with the opening of shops and establishments. It is difficult but not impossible, and although things can change as weeks go by, it seems that as of today, in September children will return to school.

Back to school will depend on each autonomous community, mostly being face-to-face. Hygiene and sanitary measures and reinforcement plans will be provided necessary. Digital training will be strengthened andchildren from infants and first cycle of primary school should not wear masks, and their teachers either (in class).

When leaving class they should use them and especially when they come in contact with other students. In ESO and Baccalaureate they must respect the distance of 15 meters and wear masks during classes. Out of class, the use of masks will be mandatory as well.

Face-to-face classes

Students must go to face-to-face classes with appropriate saturarais and hygiene measures recommended by the Government. Recess and dining room would also work but respecting all safety measures and having special scrupulousness with hygiene.

In early childhood education there will be groups of children isolated from each other in order to avoid mass infection. There will also be isolated groups at ages 3 to 12 years. Between 1st and 4th ESO there will be more progress in terms of digital education. Some of the subjects will be taught online.

In Baccalaureate and FP online classes will be enhanced by being one day a week online and four face-to-face. Special Education will work with stable and isolated groups from coexistence and with the greatest possible security measures.

vuelta al cole

Semi-face-to-face classes

Depending on how everything progresses is also shuffled the possibility that the return to school will be semi-face-to-face. It can be applied at any time as necessary. In this case there would be no recreation or school canteens. Meals will be given to children to eat at home.

In groups from 0 to 3 years maximum there will be 20 pupils per class and isolated from others. If it has to be less, it would be studied by each autonomous community and school. For groups of 3 to 6 years, the distance of 1.5 meters could be respected or isolated groups of no more than 20 students could be established. Classes and spaces should be modified.

In Baccalaureate and Vocational Training there would be two options:

  • Every day half the student go and the other half online
  • That there are two days a week that are face-to-face and another two online (the fifth day would always be online)

Special education would be valued depending on the skills of the students and the resources of the educational center.

In addition to this there would be two more scenarios:

  • Confinement if everything worsens and everything would be from home as at the beginning of the pandemic
  • Normality, a desired but unviable scenario at the time we find ourselves

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