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Basic skin care creams after age 50

Caring for the skin at any age always has some key details or tricks. It is true that to arrive with a more jovial skin after age 50, it is best to come looking after her a decade or two before. So, we’ll be helping you have all the ingredients you need to look radiant.

But if after that you wonder what basic creams or what steps should I take to have a jovial skin after 50, we have the best key. Because it can be achieved and is that the skin will be very grateful if you have behaved well with it. You’re as old as you are, we need to take care of her!

Why care for the skin after age 50

As we know, the skin is losing collagen production. Because as such, it will leave you a less smooth skin with more wrinkles or fine lines. It is common to see how the most sensitive skin around the eyes is the first to get carried away by that passage of time. Since the production of elastin has also slowed down quite a lot, we have to give it a push so that it does not abandon us yet. Both serum and creams intended for eye contour and hydration are the steps you need. Are you ready or ready to give them to him?

Serum with hyaluronic acid

The serum always has a great combination of ingredients that will make it penetrate into fairly deep layers of the skin. So care for it will also be greater. It is quickly absorbed and its effects are also seen sooner than we expect. Although there are several types, we are clear to take care of the skin after 50 years, we will need you to carry hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this and retinol, we will notice how the skin is softened. Not only in the matter of wrinkles but we will also give you a touch of shine and natural light, eliminating that dull skin feeling. In addition, the vitamins it contains such as C will give you great hydration and in short, we will see how the skin of the face or the décolleté and neck is more jovial.

Do not forget about the eye contour to care for the skin!

We first mentioned the serum and it would be the step to take. But the second the list would come with the eye contour. Yeah, because it’s another creams we need in our life and more after certain ages. For what reason? Because it will moisturize in depth and that’s what you really need and wants the skin. We are talking about a fairly sensitive area, so care is greater. Over time wrinkles are more concentrated in it and therefore, we need very moisturizing and caffeinated products. First, leaving wrinkles behind but also, providing more luminosity and less dark circles or bags. Products that thanks to their ingredients decongest the area and as such, we can see it much more jovial than we think.

Moisturizers give us back elasticity

Surely you also have them integrated into your daily routine and it’s not for less. Because moisturizers will make our skin more elastic and look more jovial than ever. They provide elasticity, luminosity, soften expression lines and also protect against inclement weather. A hard work that we will combine as long as we choose the cream that best goes with our skin type. Every morning and with clean skin we will proceed to apply our cream, both on the face itself and the décolleté and neck. It is true that we will also be able to repeat the process at night to add even more care. Are you following these three steps yet?

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