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Basic tips when walking dogs during quarantine

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Walking dogs is something we do daily so that our four-legged friend can be distracted. But when we are on alert and quarantine in our home, and for the common good, rules are always set. Of course, we can’t let our pets spend the day locked up.

Hence, the law also provides for this option. But, although in certain respects it only slightly changes our dog walking routine, it is important to know it. So we will get out of doubt about what we can do or what we can’t do. Since we don’t want problems and we do get the shoulder in.

Walking dogs, an action that will do only one person

In many parts of the country, the good weather has settled, which invites you to go out for a walk. But no, we must have a little patience because there will be time to enjoy the sun and the heat. Hence, in cases like this, some people think that by lowering the dog can go two by two. Nothing further from reality. The dog can only bring it down one or one. It does not matter who, but only one person is what is allowed. Since it is one of those displacements that are possible but with limitations.

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A short walk and back to home

If we look out the window, we won’t see people or if we do it will be punctually. So we can’t go down with the dog and delight in a long walk. We simply go down because our pet needs to do his basic needs. Hence we should not move too much, but stay in a nearby place and as soon as it is done, we pick up and go up again for our house. That simple!

Don’t get close to other people who have come down like you

It will not be the first time that walking dogs is also socializing with all the neighbors. Even some schedules coincide and walks or conversations happen. But at the moment it is better to save them until a further notice. I’m sure that way, we’ll store information and we’ll have a lot more to tell. With all this we mean that it is a very short turn, in which we should not approach other neighbors or people who are in the same situation as us, with our dog. Keeping distances is one of the rules to keep at bay.

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Carry bottle with water and detergent

In the official statement that was released this point also appeared. We know that when walking dogs it is logical that we carry the sachets for the feces. But older, in this case, it is also recommended to bring a bottle of water with detergent. It is a measure to clean the urine of animals. If we mentioned earlier that keeping distances was one of the basic measures, hygiene and cleanliness, too. Although the latter must be now and always.

Choose times where there are fewer people

Before we mentioned it but now we stress it. Because if you know the time your neighbor is going, don’t you go. It’s simply for prevention, so as not to be together. So if you see a lot of people and you are in a reduced area in space, choose another time, as far as possible. There are always steps to be taken in order to comply with the measures imposed. We are clear that quarantine is going to happen and all this will be left behind, but we have to be aware and everyone must be united. Dog walking has basic rules and you have to abide by them. Although they may slightly notice something happening, it is clear that they will always wear it much better. How many times have you taken out your pet today?

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