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Being an emotional partner is a good thing

If you’re an emotional person is a good thing, never feel bad about crying a lot. Crying is your way of restarting your emotions and moving forward. Having empathy will help you understand others and be more successful in your life. You have an advantage that others don’t have: you feel more intensely than anyone else in the world.

If you think your emotional nature has ruined some of your love relationships in the past, don’t worry! Clearly, those relationships weren’t for you. You weren’t the problem, you just hadn’t met the right person. Find out why it’s a good thing!

You always know how you feel

Do you know those indecisive people who are not sure how they feel after a first date? Yeah, it’s definitely not you. You live according to your emotions and you can know quite quickly whether you like a guy or not. That’s really amazing because you save yourself a lot of time and get hurt.

When you reach that frustrating point of a relationship where you know that writing is totally on the wall, you can recognize how your feelings have changed and do the right thing (also known as giving the awkward discourse of breaking).

You follow your instinct


It’s amazing how many people don’t live according to their instincts. The truth is, you have instincts for a reason, so you better listen to them. When you’re an emotional person, that means you follow your instinct every day.

You do it automatically without even thinking about it, and that’s really cool. You will always get out of bad situations (like a first date where the guy is strange and creepy) and support your romantic choices, knowing they were the right ones.

You can eliminate people


It’s safe to say that not every guy will be fine with an emotional girlfriend. It’s much better to feel things instead of pretending that everything is perfect when it’s not. Not every man will love your personality, but it’s okay because you have to put up with the one who will. You know when someone doesn’t agree with how much you feel, you can move on to the next date.

You are affectionate and loyal

When you feel a lot of things on a regular basis, that just means that you are a really loving person. That also makes you a loyal friend and girlfriend. Those qualities are exactly what men are looking for in a couple (even if they still do not know exactly).

You treat the successes of your best friends as if they were yours and you always want people in your world to be as happy as possible. After all, you want to be friends with your partner, right? That’s pretty much the dream of the relationship.

You are a passionate person


Passionate people make the world spin. They’re fun, smart, and they represent something. They are ambitious and are not content with sitting and letting things happen to them. No, they make things happen. That person is you. You are a passionate and emotional person and you only want the best for yourself, that also applies to your relationships. You will fight until the end to achieve your goals and dreams.

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