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Benefits of borage oil

Aceite de borraja

Borage oil is extracted from the seeds of borage and offers us great properties for our beauty and health. It is a very rich oil in fatty acids that has been used for various purposes, so it offers us many ideas to take care of ourselves. Essential oils arise from plants and therefore have a natural origin that takes care of us without giving side effects, hence they become our best allies of beauty.

Borage oil is known for its properties when it comes to ingesting it, since it seems to help us balance the level of estrogens, which offers us better menstrual health. But in addition to this we discover in this oil a great ally for our daily beauty care.

Oil as a moisturizing

Beneficios del aceite de borraja

Borage oil can act like many other oils as a moisturizer for all skin types. This oil is perfect because it offers a drier texture than others, so it does not give us that oily feeling on the skin and allows us to prevent excess sebum from accumulating. This is especially important for combination or oily skin that do not usually use oils when it comes to moisturizing the skin. As a moisturizing oil leaves our skin soft and well hydrated throughout the day and we can use both on the body and on the face. It is one of the most common uses that are usually given to oils. In addition, thanks to its smell it helps us to relax, so we can use the oil to hydrate by giving a massage on the skin.

Borage oil for wrinkles

Aceite de borraja

Borage has fatty acids but also vitamins C and E that are antioxidants. This composition makes it an especially good oil to prevent wrinkles and to reduce them. Use this oil to give a light massage in the area where you have wrinkles before going to sleep and you will see an enhancement effect on them. It is perfect to prevent premature aging of the skin and therefore helps us stay younger. The oil can be used in drops for especially sensitive areas such as the eye contour, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Relieves irritated skin

During the summer we can get irritated skin for many causes. Sweat, which makes it rubbing, from the effect of the sun or by high temperatures. These irritations appear mostly on the most sensitive skin, which also react in winter. Borage oil not only helps us to keep the skin hydrated and in good condition, but also calms these irritations. If you have an area with redness you can use the oil and let it act.

Oil for eczema and dermatitis

Aceite de borraja

Many people have dermatitis and besides being an annoying problem may not be aesthetic. If this concerns you can start using borage oil on your skin to reduce the appearance of eczema and soothe skin with dermatitis. If we have such problems we know that daily hydration is essential, so that in this case we find a more well-groomed skin and without redness. Helps prevent the skin from itching and flaking. It is a powerful regenerator, so it also helps us to improve eczema and that the skin regenerates faster, returning to look good. That is why it is recommended for people who have such problems.

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