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Benefits of carrot oil for your beauty

Today we are aware of the large amount of oils we have on the market to take care of our skin and our hair. Natural oils are increasingly used because their properties have no side effects and because they are completely natural. We take advantage of what nature gives us to take care of ourselves.

Carrot oil is a less known product than almonds or rosehip oil, but also has its great properties to care for skin and hair. This oil offers us some benefits that we will not be able to give up.

Boost tanning

We all know that eating products containing carotenes helps us activate melanin to tan much earlier. Carrot is one of those products, which is also very popular for this purpose. If you’ve been eating carrot, you’ll know it’s good for this, but you can also use carrot oil when you go to the beach. Obviously, you must first use a high-factor sunscreen to protect your skin. But you can use it later to enhance that tan and also moisturize the skin at the same time.

Anti-aging Oil

This carrot oil has many antioxidants, as it has vitamin A and E, both very important for fighting free radicals. You can use this oil as a booster for your beauty routines. These types of oils are ideal for areas where the first lines of expression usually come out. This oil is usually mixed with others due to its orange hue. Almond oil or jojoba oil are usually the most used for this purpose, as they are very moisturizing and easy to find oils.

As a nourishing oil

Carrot oil is an oil rich in vitamins and therefore serves us to nourish and soften the skin. Not only is it good if we want to use it to enhance the tan, but also to use it after sun exposure to recover the skin, as it helps to regenerate and nourish. Use a few drops in your usual cream or put a few drops on your palms, rub them and spread over your face. These oils can be perfect using only a few drops.

For the scalp

This oil may be useful for the scalp area. We should not forget that this area is usually sensitive and sometimes we have itching or peeling. To end it nothing better than moisturize the area with a little oil. In this case we would use carrot oil and with a few drops would be enough. You can use it together with rosemary, which helps to activate circulation and improve hair growth. Using your fingertips apply the oil to the scalp and perform a light massage. This way you can hydrate the area.

Hair frizz

Another use that we could give carrot oil is to soften the hair avoiding frizz. This type of effect is any oil, because it helps to keep hair hydrated preventing it from curling. However, we must measure very well the amount of oil used, as an excess can make the hair look caked. With a few drops on the palms is more than enough for this effect. It works as a conditioner on already dry hair.

Make your hair shine more

Hair can shine much more if we take care of it and moisturize it. Carrot oil is precisely a kind of oil that can restore the shine to our mane. Use as on the scalp a few drops after drying and so you can hydrate it daily.

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