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Benefits of sage essential oil


Essential oil from various herbs and plants is a great ingredient for many beauty products and also for include in our routines. They are oils that offer concentrated properties and therefore have a great value when it comes to using them. With just a few drops we get great results and that is why they are very appreciated. This time we will see the benefits that sage essential oil brings us.

This sage essential oil has been used for years for inflammatory processes and for relaxing, as it seems to help us reduce the stress applied in aromatherapy. But today we will focus on the benefits and properties of sage essential oil for your beauty.

Sage for Acne

This essential oil is perfect for fighting the problems that acne gives us daily. It has antiseptic and healing properties, as well as anti-inflammatory. This is why it is a great oil to prevent the appearance of impurities on the skin and that these become infected granites. To use the oil you can use a few drops in a little water and wet a cotton pad. Wipe the cotton wool over the face after cleaning it well and apply the moisturizer at the end. This way you can clean your skin and reduce granite and impurities.

Improves circulation

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This essential oil also can help us improve circulation in the legs. As it is also anti-inflammatory it can be used to massage them, so that we notice them less swollen. During the summer the legs appear heavier due to the heat, so they usually have worse circulation. Use a few drops of oil on your palms and rub them. Once you have them impregnated with sage oil you can start performing ascending massage on the legs. The oil will improve your circulation and lower the swelling of the legs. This is a simple remedy to prevent the appearance of varicose veins on the legs and also to fight cellulite, since the improvement in circulation helps the drainage of the area. In short, it will help us to have more rested legs and without circulation problems.

As an antiperspirant

It seems sage can help us control sweat and its smell. A good way to do this is to take a bath in which we drop a few drops of essential oil. In this way its assets will help us avoid sweat and bad odors that it produces. We can also use a few drops in places such as armpits for this purpose, as it is a natural antiperspirant.

Wrinkle prevention

Like many other natural oils, sage offers us anti-aging properties with its properties. It is a good oil with antioxidants to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Use a few drops in your daily cream to improve its effects or create a homemade mask in which you include a few drops of sage essential oil to enhance the rejuvenating effect on your skin. The way to prevent wrinkles is by offering your skin ingredients that nourish it and sage is one of them.

Regenerating oil


Not only can it help you avoid wrinkles, but It is also an ingredient that is perfect for regenerating the skin. In this regard it can be used in many ways. If you have a scar or stretch marks that are already white you can use it to make them look less. It is also perfect for use on recent scars, such as when stretch marks are still red, as they help skin recover better and less marks remain.

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