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Bershka’s bet on false nails and neon polishes

uñas postizas llamas

It does not matter that there are already a few days of summer, because still the sun and the light continues with Bershka’s hand. On the one hand, because it is carried away by neon colored enamels. Eye-catching and very cheerful colors with which you can make all kinds of creations. But not forgetting, false nails.

It seems that the low-cost store is clear that you always have to bet on news. In this case, you have chosen our hands to give them a new air, which will not leave you indifferent. If you want an inexpensive and current manicure, you just have to take one step further and find out what we show you.

Bershka’s most angelic false nails


truth is that the shop has opted for two completely opposite models. On the one hand, we have the option of some nails in sky blue and as such, they come loaded with angels and even crosses. An original way to be able to show off a really current design. Combining blue with figures will create a very fun effect. In addition, they are simple to put on, so you won’t have to spend much time painting or choosing the design. It’s coming and kissing the saint, also literal! Despite having a pastel finish, due to the blue color, it is perfect to wear this new season. It will match you with the vast majority of the looks you choose. Because trends in beauty are already waiting for fashion. Do you like this style?

uñas postizas azul

The most vibrant enamels from the collection Bershka

If you thought that the arrival of autumn was going to reduce the colors in the manicure, you were wrong. Because it looks like it’s still intensifying them. That is why Bershka’s collection of false nails also allows us to continue using the most eye-catching nail polishes. What do you think of an orange or neon yellow color? Well, you can do the precise combination because you have them at your disposal. The good thing is that with it you can make the most creative manicures that you can think of. To begin with, nothing like betting on a full-color French manicure. Because within the color it will offer is somewhat more discreet. If you prefer, you can get carried away by filling your nails with intense color and combine them with pastel colors and brown combination for the new season. Do you dare to do it?

esmaltes neon

The descent to hell with false nails of flames

While we first touched the sky with blue manicure and angels, then we stayed on an intermediate level filled with neon enamels, to descend into hell. Now he’s on the turn to the flames. A new idea of Bershka, totally creative, where you can see a transparent nail with a flame in purple tones. This shade will look so much also in autumn and that we can continue to maintain in our manicure, at the same time as in fashionable garments. Flattering and current, what more can you ask for?

This kind of nails, with transparent base are quite a furor. They have been seen on social media with numerous designs. As glass nails, they have that clear base, but then you can add all kinds of stickers on them or glossy details to complete your best look. In this case are the flames, which you can combine with numerous styles. Maybe you’re already thinking what looks to combine them with! Because it’s not going to be such a single idea of the famous ones, the rest we can get with it and at great prices. You know Bershka has the best solution.

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