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Best tricks to control hunger

Sometimes we are hungry more than usual, our mood is important and can cause us to eat more or less quantity.

If you want to reduce the amount of food you introduce into your body, we tell you below, the best tricks to control hunger so you can feel better about yourself without having to give up the enjoyment of food.

If you are looking for weight loss one of the most important issues is to control the amount of food we eat. Sometimes it is very difficult to control appetite and hunger, however, if we know of certain techniques and advice we will manage to control it to achieve the goal we have set ourselves in terms of weight.

First of all, if our idea is to start a diet, we must keep in mind that our goal will mostly be to lose weight, we have to follow some recommendations so as not to jeopardize our health.

Not all diets are worth, although it is true, that reducing food intake is paramount to weight loss.

The best tips to reduce appetite

If you want to reduce food anxiety, follow our tips that will help you keep that voracious hungerat bayand you can gradually lose weight without realizing it.

You must differentiate between being hungry or having gluttony

Hunger as such is the physiological need to eat, the time to feed us. That is, if there are four o’clock in the afternoon and you have nothing in your stomach more than morning coffee, you are very likely to be hungry.

Instead, having gluttony or appetite is related to other factors, such as hormonal changes, stress, anxiety or even boredom.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to identify and manage our triggers and know how to differentiate when it comes to hunger and when appetite/gluttony, we must be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Do not forget to drink water to reduce appetite

Water is essential for the body, it makes us feel satiated and is able to prevent us from eating more than the count.

It is advisable to always have a bottle of water at hand and drink whenever we feel the feeling of being hungry. We know that water is somewhat blunt, tasteless and many people find it difficult to drink the minimum two liters a day, so it is also a good solution to take some infusion, such asgreen tea.

You can also add slices of lemon or cucumber to the water to taste it. Every healthy element will also make you feel good at the same time it takes away your hunger.

Take 5 meals a day

You need to establish a diet that includes at least five meals a day, we should not leave between food and food many hours because if the stomach closes us. Ideally, set up a meal routine and fulfill it to rajatabla.

With a diet plan we will keep our body with a lot of energy, and it will help speed up metabolism, and will make the desire to eat disappear.

Avoid eating sugar-rich foods

Foods full of refined white sugar are never recommended, they provide calories without any nutritional value and are also foods that provide energy and are very fast assimilation. For this reason, if we drink things with sugar, we will soon be hungry again.

We have to avoid them so as not to tempt our organism.

Foods rich in fiber

When we want to lose weight, and avoid chopping between hours, it is very important to know how to choose the foods we should take, the ideal is to take foods rich in fiber to feel more satiated for longer.

A diet rich in fiber such as oats, whole grains or certain types of vegetables such as spinach or chard, will make us feel healthier and help us avoid itching between hours.

Chewing gum

Although it is not the measure we recommend the most, it is true that at times it is a good measure to stop eating and taking things that we shouldn’t.

That is why gum is a good way to deceive our stomach by sending it the false sign of satiety. In addition to making us feel satiated they also help us calm anxiety and help us release stress, and more if we are anxious people or pay our anxiety with food.

Better foods to feel more satiated

Next, we tell you what are the foods you can add to your diet to avoid that snacking between hours and make you feel more satiated for longer. Take note of these foods:

  • Nuts: they are super healthy foods, they are foods rich in healthy fats and allow to make a slower digestion, for this reason, they will keep us more satiated.
  • Egg: We should not consume them very continuously, because they can affect our cholesterol. They are satiating foods with a high nutritional value.
  • Fish: we mean more about blue fish, which given their proteins and being a fatty fish allows us to be more satiated for longer. Avoid cooking it with a lot of oil.
  • Oats: Oats is a very rich food in fiber and also, it will make you feel satiated for longer.
  • Cereals: As we said before, cereals are rich in fiber and help us get rid of our hunger.
  • Avoid eating foods rich in fat and refined sugar.

Tips for regulating hunger

There are a number of basic tips that will not only help maintain a balance in appetite, but also allow you to follow a diet without too many complications, in addition, they will also help you improve your health globally.

  • You should sleep well: try to sleep about eight hours a day, there is no better way to balance a human body than with sleep, it is vital to rest to be healthy and have energy during the day.
  • Eat always at the same time: eating always at the same time is essential to maintain good health, because in addition, it will also help to balance appetite.
  • Avoid a sedentary life: Sedentary lifestyle makes our desire to eat increase. The ideal is to take advantage of every moment to walk a couple of hours a day to stretch legs and improve our health.

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