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Choose the shampoo according to your hair

Choosing a shampoo may not be so simple, because depending on the type of hair we have we will end up with one effect or another. A shampoo that can be perfect for a person can leave someone else’s hair lifeless, hence we have to choose the one that has compounds that are suitable for our hair type.

When choosing shampoo we should think about what we want for our hair. Less fat, more volume, take care of the color, it does not break, grow stronger or shine. There are shampoos formulated for all types of hair and problems. But let’s give you some inspirations when it comes to buying them.

Mi Rebotica Onion Shampoo

Onion shampoo is one of the most revolutionized shampoos market in recent years. It is a shampoo without parabens, dyes or silicones that is used to care and strengthen the hair, especially in times of loss. It has onion extract, which is the one that provides it with its properties. This extract is purifying, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing. That is why it not only serves to stimulate hair growth, but also good for hair with dandruff and with dermatitis problems. Phenolic and sulfur compounds contained in onion is what makes it effective.

Klorane shampoo golden reflections

Klorane is another brand that offers us a wide variety of shampoos depending on the need we have. One of those that are more specific is that of golden reflections to chamomile, with extract from this plant. It is formulated for light brown and blond hair that want to lighten the tone a little more. It is a hair that also provides softness and shine. In the Klorane range we find many others that may be interesting, such as Quinina to strengthen hair or nettle for oily hair.

Ducray Kertyol desquamative states

This shampoo is formulated for people who have dandruff problems with flaking states, plaques and redness in the scalp area. This problem is usually recurrent and annoying, so it is essential to treat it with a good shampoo that soothes the scalp and prevents the formation of plaques and scales. Relieves itching sensation, soothes redness and prevents the formation of dandruff. It should be used for several weeks to prevent those problems in the head from reappearing.

René Furterer Lumicia Shampoo

For dull and dull hair there are some shampoos that try to regain softness and that luminous touch. This one by René Furterer is designed to return the brightness to the hair that go out over time. Try to give softness and shine to the hair with vitamin C to revitalize it and with its plant extracts. The perfect shampoo that will serve as a complement to other types of shampoos or to the shampoo we normally use. It helps us counteract the effects of pollution and finishing products that quench the hair.

Vichy Dercos Sebocorrector

Fat is another problem that often worries many people when it comes to caring for hair. There are many people who have to struggle with excess fat that makes the hair look dirty soon. That’s why they should use a shampoo formulated to prevent that fat from appearing. Vichy Dercos SeboCorrector is created with ingredients that help control sebum production and cleanse the scalp allowing hair to stay clean for longer.

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