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Cleaning tricks for your home

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Cleaning is not always easy, because although it seems simple it requires strategy and of time. That’s why we want to give you some cleaning tricks for your home. This way, you can have a clean home longer and that does not require too much effort.

Finish the mold in the bathrooms

Mold chases baths that are not well ventilated because water remains on the walls after the bath. Use hydrogen peroxide in a trigger spray bottle to fight mold. Spray it, let it brew for 3 to 5 minutes and you will kill the fungus.

To prevent mold from returning, use a fan when bathing. When you’re done, take a couple of minutes to get the water out of the tiled walls and shower door.

Eliminate hard water lime

If the mineral deposits in hard water have stained your plumbing fixtures, do not clean them with brushes or bristle pads. They can scratch the faucet. Instead, use white vinegar. Pour a little over a clean cloth and clean the faucets. It doesn’t take much effort to make them shine.

Always bright stainless steel

Fingerprints, stains and watermarks are the enemies of stainless steel sinks and surfaces. Mineral oil can help you beat them. Pour a little mineral oil into a cloth and wipe it once a week. This repels water. Mineral oil also helps prevent toothpaste and other items from sticking to the sink, making cleaning easier.

limpieza hogar

Don’t miss the magic drafts

The drafts Magical ones are economical and will help you to remove stains when nothing else gets it. It will help you especially to clean the walls that are dirty (and are painted with washable paint).

Keep and microwave flawless

The interior of your microwave probably looks like a war zone,and baked foods, especially if they’ve been sitting for days or longer, can be difficult to remove. The trick: make the microwave help you. Put a cup of coffee filled with water in the microwave and heat it until boiling. This creates moisture that loosens anything on the top, sides or bottom of the microwave. Then grab a damp cloth and wipe the surfaces.

Vacuum in rows


To vacuum effectively and efficiently – do the entire length of the room in a straight row, then move and start again in the front of the room. Suck in high-traffic areas once a week. Suck in long rows and get out of the room. You can do it quickly.

Clean more often


If you want to reduce the cleaning time, then you need to do it more often. Once you’ve cleaned your house in depth, do a review every two weeks. You will make the place look good and save you the long and agonizing work of cleaning several months at a time. Maintenance cleaning is created instead of recovery cleaning.

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