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Compact kitchens by Leroy Merlin

It’s true that we don’t always have the space for one of those kitchens that looks like taken out of film. But of course, seeing all the models we have in compact kitchens, we won’t need them either. That is why Leroy Merlin has several styles prepared so you can enjoy them without thinking so much about space.

In addition, the models to follow are simple but with breadth, although we may think otherwise. Therefore and for many more advantages, it is not too much to see how we are falling in love with models and colors like those we propose today. Are you thinking about reforming your kitchen?

Leroy Merlin’s compact kitchens

The truth is that his name already tells us what we’re going to find. It is a kitchen furniture, with its cupboards, the part of the oven and sink but they have smaller sizes. Of course, you should also know that they exist in various sizes, so you can always attach them to those measurements you have in the kitchen. But you certainly don’t have to stay without them if you really like them. It is true that when the spaces are small perhaps we are more likely to think that we will not have so much space to enjoy the kitchen of our dreams. But today it is easier to find the right one for us. Colors, finishes and much more is what we see here today.

White color dresses kitchens

It’s one of the basic ideas that we love. Because it’s about dressing our kitchen with one of the colors that never goes out of style. The white color will be present in all types of rooms and more, when we want to give a touch of light to each of them. With a brushstroke of gloss and a lacquered finish, a kitchen like this is presented. Although we think that white is a somewhat complicated color for a kitchen, that’s why it stains more, thanks to its finishes and materials we increasingly opt for them. Because minimalist cuts we also like in decoration.

What do you think of the black color for your kitchen?

Darker colors can also come any room, but it is true that you need to know how to place them and choose them. For example, in a kitchen, it will give a touch of elegance that we all need. But it is true that if it is not well lit, then you risk a rather dark area left. So if you have good spotlights and window, you can always choose a finish in your kitchen like this one from Leroy Merlin. With upper and lower cupboards and more eye-catching handles, you can complete your new kitchen.

Style and wood finishes go hand in hand

It is true that in addition to the basic colors, there is also a finish that can not miss when we are thinking about renovating the kitchen. That wood effect is always necessary to take into account, because as we say, it is one of the first that always comes to mind. A basic finish and can also be combined with all kinds of styles. From the most classic to the present, most of all because the furniture does have that beauty in the form of simplicity. Something we really love. So if you were looking for another compact but stylish kitchens, wood will always be there to help you. It already depends on you how you can combine it, since you will also need cupboards up and down and that will determine the space you have available. Which one do you like best?

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