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Consequences of emotional infidelity

infidelidad emocional

Sometimes infidelities don’t have to be physical for them to occur. Emotional infidelities can do just as much harm to those who feel deceived by their partner. It usually does not happen in a provocative way and in most cases, when the person who feels betrayed does not understand well what happens. But emotional infidelity can generate consequences, consequences that we are going to tell you now.

Create and encourage distance

If you’re involved in an emotional adventure, then it’s safe to say that there are underlying problems within your relationship. If you are in a committed and monogamous relationship, your partner should be the main source of your emotional satisfaction. He or she must be the person you go to when you are happy, sad, or just need extra support.

The fact that you’re looking for this from a stranger means you’ve probably separated yourself from your partner on an emotional level. Relationships are hard work to build, and even harder to maintain. Sometimes, the person you need to hold on to is the last person you really want to talk to.

This opens the door for you to find someone else. That also means that the problems in your relationship that led to your adventure are not being addressed. Why should you bother fixing your current relationship when you can get a solution elsewhere?

Not only is it unfair to your partner, it’s also unfair to you. If you haven’t abandoned the relationship, there’s obviously some form of affection left. By placing your emotional needs on someone outside of your relationship, you’re essentially unaware provoking them to fail because you’re not making any effort to maintain it.

infiel emocionalmente

They are breeding ground for dishonesty

Emotional issues may not involve kisses or sex, but there is so much lie and deception involved. Basically they are breeding ground for dishonesty. No one who has invested in your relationship would be okay with your bond, sharing intimate secrets and developing a relationship with someone else. If you’re doing this, it’s very likely that you’ll keep your emotional relationship in the dark about it.

You may definitely not have noticed the signs, but it is even more likely that you are minimizing that person’s role in your life to your partner. You probably lied and said they don’t matter when they obviously do. It’s also possible that your partner has confronted him about your relationship and agreed to cut the ties, but he hasn’t.

When you’re the victim


If you’ve been the victim of emotional deception, then you know that it opens wounds that don’t close easily. They lead a gap between you and the person you’re supposed to be engaged with. Similarly, if you are involved in an emotional affair, you may be trying to convince you that it is harmless because there is no sex involved. It’s not like that.

Emotional issues are incredibly destructive, even more than physical ones, and if you keep up like this, you may not have a relationship for a long time. If you want to save your relationship, you have to do the right thing. Eliminate the third of your life, be honest with your partner, promise him that the matter is over and hope he can forgive you. If you are not interested in saving your relationship, then break things with your partner. But don’t keep them in limbo. It’s unfair to everyone involved.

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