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Contributes to animal welfare without spending money

cuidar animales

Animals are living creatures and most of us often forget about it. Although they cannot speak our language, they can understand us and often suffer from human cruelty. The fact that people are stronger does not mean that they have the right to abuse animals. These small (or large) creatures can not help themselves sometimes, Here are some ways in which you can contribute to animal welfare without spending a euro.

Volunteer at an animal shelter

If you can’t donate money to animal shelters, you can volunteer in one of them. You don’t have to have any special skills to help animals. You can do the simplest things, such as feeding animals, taking dogs for a walk, cleaning cages or participating in fundraising.

Report any animal abuse

If you know someone who beats their pets to death or does not feed them for weeks, report the abuse. No one has the right to abuse animals and leave them hungry, pain and disease. Don’t be quiet. Let others know how that person treats animals. In this way, it can save the lives of those poor living things.

Stop buying items that contain animal products

Break the habit of buying things that contain animal products. Many beauty products, especially face creams, lotions and lipsticks, contain products of animal origin, so be sure not to buy them. When you buy clothes, look for cruelty-free brands and avoid everything that includes leather, silk, fur and wool.

Change your diet and eat more vegetables


While you see a steak and it looks delicious, think about how an animal was killed so you can eat that steak. Today most people know the shocking truths of industrial agriculture, but they think it should be so or are too selfish to think about animal life. Switching to a vegetable-based diet is one of the easiest ways to reduce the demand for animal products and contribute to animal welfare.

cuidar animales

Feed stray birds

Do not need buy expensive and delicious food for stray animals, they will be grateful for a piece of bread. If you see a stray dog, don’t be afraid of him. Give him something to eat and he’ll thank you. When you have breadcrumbs at home, don’t throw them away. Give them to the birds.

Do not go to zoos or circuses with animals

. Animals in zoos and circuses are often beaten, mistreated and tortured only for profit. Animals live in cages, suffer from hunger and cold, and no one cares. Just imagine yourself living this way and you’ll realize that zoos and circuses are not as fun as people think.

Animals deserve to live their lives free from abuse, pain and suffering. Animals are sensitive, emotional and intelligent. They’re living creatures who need our help. Don’t neglect them. It is also important that you teach your children to be friendly to animals. Volunteer in animal shelters along with your children or just feed the pigeons. It is not necessary to be rich to contribute to animal welfare. Are you going to follow any of these tips?

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