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Coronavirus and pets: How to cope with this situation

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Coronavirus and pets is one of the most discussed topics. Most of all, because it is true that there was a little fear at the beginning of this pandemic. But, experts assure that pets in general can not transmit or suffer from this disease. Although it is true that you have to always be cautious.

So, extreme precautions is always the best solution, for the moment. Both for us and for them. We had to change our routines and also theirs, so today we are going to comment on all those doubts, trying to find a better solution to deal with this situation.

Coronavirus and pets, can they get infected?

It is the eternal question of whether pets can get coronavirus. But so far, experts consider it not. They don’t get infected and neither can they pass it on to their owners. But it is true that news comes from everywhere and some of them comment otherwise. Hence, you always have to have a little patience and that, until now, the truth is the one mentioned. We may still be missing more studies or more information, but we should not be scared.

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Dogs should not go out with a mask

You talk and see images coming from other countries, putting the entire population on alert. But if we talk about coronavirus and pets, it must be said that these should not go out on the street with a mask. Because they don’t really need it and besides, it’s not good for them. It will create a sense of fear and anguish. But it is advisable that hygiene is always present, before touching animals or feeding them, it is best to wash our hands. But already this step we have it very associated with our routine and increasingly. It’s just a prevention.

Walking yes, but very little time

Dogs also notice that something is happening. True, some people go down to the street more than ever with them, but it should not be so. We must go out only in the most necessary. Therefore, when lowering it, the walk has to be shorter than usually. Just so you can do your needs, breathe a little and we go back home. Remember that when you arrive, it is not too much to clean your paws well. Once you clean, you’ll be able to walk and run all over the house.

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If you are sick, avoid contact with your pet

It’s a complicated step in the vast majority of cases. But when we notice some other symptoms, we have to isolate ourselves. We do this isolation of our family and also pets. It is true that we stress that there is no evidence that animals get infected, but we certainly don’t want to know. Therefore, it is better to keep on preventing. If you live with someone else, try them to take care of getting him down the street or giving him food. Above all, what is advised to avoid is to touch it and give him kisses, as we do every day. If you don’t have anyone else, it’s best to wash your hands well before feeding him and don’t take off the mask.

We should never abandon them

The initial fear was that if pets could spread to the owners. But as we see, not one thing or another. Pets are part of our family and we must take care of them and take care of them and take care of them. If we are sick, avoid touching them or kissing them as we said, but never leave them aside. In the event that someone gets sick, the first thing is to call the veterinarian and explain what the situation is. From there, he or she will tell us the steps to follow.

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