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Couples separated by confinement, how are they doing it?

In this state of alarm where everyone has to be in confinement in their homes, there are many couples who have to be separated as long as the state of alarm prohibits leaving homes. It is only allowed to leave for the essentials such as going to the pharmacy or buying food.

Dealing with physical distance is nothing easy and less when they don’t know when they will be able to give themselves that hug they so much need right now. Although thanks to new technologies they can be closer and talk and see through video calls, this does not provide for such important physical contact of couples.

Separate but connected

Yes, couples who, by whatever circumstances, have had to live apart this state of alarm are missed. They want to touch and see each other but they just can’t. In times of confinement social networks and these types of platforms have become a great ally so that, even though they are separate, they remain connected.

When you are at home without knowing anything about the couple can generate anxiety or a considerable drop in mood. That is why, in order to avoid depressive disorders due to the lack of the partner, it is important to maintain the connection despite physical distance.

However, experts claim that sticking to the phone is also not the solution because they could become obsessed and fall into emotional dependence. Even if we’re confined, there’s a lot more world than the couple. Friends and family are also important, especially in these moments of such social distress.

To miss it is natural

To miss your partner is the most natural thing in the world and more in times of confinement. It can be an ideal time to realize how important your partner is to you and value it as it deserves for the moment you are back together, hugs and make leisure plans.

But if you miss your partner every second of the day, then it can become a problem and can trigger an obsessive problem. If you always miss your partner and have a very bad time not seeing him, you may have anxiety and you can’t manage the uncertainty well by not knowing when you will see him again.

To avoid emotional dependence you have to be careful and have daily routines oneself. Take stock of what is going on and looking for one’s good in the present.

amor en la distancia

How to better carry the situation

There are some tricks that you will help keep your relationship healthier and make everything go better between you both now and by the time the quarantine passes. To do this, write down the following tips:

Understand your internal and partner problems.

  • Limited relief. It is not good to talk all the time about the public health problem we are experiencing today. It is also better to talk about other healthier issues or things that make you smile.
  • Look for conversations about positive things. You can talk 15 minutes about what concerns you but the rest of the conversation do it about things that bring you well-being.
  • Have a call schedule, so you can organize the day doing other activities.
  • Have a daily or weekly appointment to be able to do things together, like watching the same film even if everyone sees it at home, do sports on video call etc.
  • Distance sex to keep the couple’s spark.
  • Talk one day a week about behaviors that have bothered you and leave the most important thing for when the tense situation is over.

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