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Curly hair and defined also in autumn

Curly hair also needs your care so that autumn begins with the best foot. Because every season has its pros and cons. But it’s true that after the summer maybe all types of hair need a little more attention and we have to give it to it without thinking twice.

We always want to show off a hair with well-defined curls, but surely it happens to you like me, which is not always achieved. Therefore, we should let ourselves be carried away by the experts and as such, we leave you with the best tips for it. Are you going to miss them? Start a new season with defined curls.

Application of oils for good hydration

After summer and holidays in the sun, our hair always tends to resent. That is why you will need an extra dose of hydration . We talked about it many times but now more than ever it is really necessary. Because curls need such hydration to look really healthy.

So we should give you the best vitamin injection you can have. So for this, oils are always one of the best solutions. In this case it would be best to apply an oil from the middle part of the hair to the tips. A process that we will do before bedtime and that we will cover with a hat. In the morning, we will wash our hair as usual and see how the shine and softness have come to stay.

Combine shampoos for a better result on your curly hair

Sometimes we have doubts about shampoo changes, whether I should always choose yourself, if on the contrary it is convenient to change them, etc. Now we will tell you that more than change, we must combine them. One of them should be intended for the scalp. So we will use it as a cleaner of this part, to remove all kinds of debris that can accumulate in the area. While once you clear this first step, the second will be to use a special shampoo curls, so that these are well defined. Which will make the hair also get part of hydration and with it, the result is more natural and perfect.

Repairing mask once a week

Another vital step that cannot be missed are masks. So once a week, we have to get carried away by them. But yes, since it’s only once, we have to leave them time for them to act. Therefore, it is always advised that it is that day that you are going to be at home all morning or all afternoon. Because, as you well know, the longer the better the result will be. Nutrition will be part of each strand of hair and bring your precious curls back to life.

Conditioner yes, but no rinsing

Like masks, conditioners are also the main protagonists of our life and hair. Therefore, in this case, always better if it is a product without rinsing. In addition, we can use very little amount and distribute it well over the hair, so that we can comb it comfortably and make our curly hair more manageable. Remember also that in this case, it is better to opt for a wide barbed comb to untangle it and you’re done.

Dry curly hair at low temperature

As we know, heat is not good for hair and less – for curling. So if you are in a hurry and need to dry it more quickly, you will opt for the dryer but at a low temperature. Because if you do otherwise, we risk frizz knocking on our door. So, as we see, the dryer is but with a little control.

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