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Curly hair care

Years ago she wore her hair completely straight and we worked on straightening it with irons and dryers, something that ends up spoiling our hair. But today the personality of each type of hair is appreciated and that’s why everything is taken from straight to wavy and curly or curlyhair. Girls with curly hair should have specific care to make it look perfect.

Curly hair is difficult to care for because it usually dries much more and can become tangled and broken more easily. But you can follow these tips to make your hair look good and your curls are healthier than ever before.

Use a natural shampoo

Natural shampoos are usually the best option for all hair types, as they do without sulfates, silicones and chemicals that create a film on the hair. In the case of curly hair it is more important because the sulfates that remove the fat make the curl not fixed so much and the curly hair is less defined. That’s why it can be a big difference to use natural hair care products without adding films on it. There are many options in natural shampoos, but we recommend special solid shampoos, as there are brands that also create some specific for curly hair.

How should you wash it

Curly hair stays cleaner at the tips, like any other hair. We should always apply the shampoo to the root and let it drain a little towards the tips. Do not avoid washing because the fat on the scalp damages and spoils the hair. The conditioner can be used in the shower but it is also a good idea to have one that is for wet and unrinsed hair, as it will have more effect. On the other hand, when it comes to drying hair it is better to wrap it in the towel and let it absorb moisture avoiding rubbing the hair, as well as tangling and cracks, as well as curling.

How to comb it

Curly hair keeps its curl if we do not comb it with barbed brushes very close, asthis breaks the curl and straightens it. You should always comb it when it is very wet, letting it air dry. Detangle and comb when you get out of the shower and let it dry. Use your fingers to shape it later or a comb with very separate spikes so as not to break that curl. Because if you brush it will curl and the definition of the curl will be lost.

Products to define your curls

Not only do you have to choose a good shampoo that does not undo the curls, but it is also important to buy products that will help us define the curls. From conditioner to styling products. Nowadays they take some definite curls but without that wet effect from years ago, so forget about the foam from before. There are hairstyles products so that your curls are defined and have a very natural touch.

The trick of silk scarf

Frizz and crushing in the root area is a problem for many girls with curly hair who see how they should tie it or wash it daily if they want it to retain a good shape. One way to avoid this is to put on a silk scarf on the roots tied on the neck, to prevent it from crushing and curling at night. This way the hairstyle is preserved much better and we will have less work in the morning to put it in good condition.

When it comes to cutting it

If we want to cut hair, those who are very curly have to be done dry. A good stylist will remark this because only then you will see the true effect of the cut, something that can not be calculated if the hair is wet.

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