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Decoration ideas using galileo thermometers

Do you know galileo thermometers? In addition to providing you with valuable temperature information in a colorful and original way, they are ideal for decorating in your home. They are beautiful, practical and they will also tell you the approximate (never exact) temperature of the stay, as long as it is between 18 and 26 ºC.

Before we tell you about decorating ideas, let’s first tell you how this type of thermometer works and some interesting things it has. Afterwards, we’ll move on to give you some decor ideas that you’re sure to love to know.

Why use a galileo thermometer

If you have bought yourself or want to buy yourself a galileo thermometer, you should first know how it works. Physicist Galillei discovered that the density of the liquid changes depending on the temperature. He later realized that he could use this to create an instrument that could measure the temperature of the room. This is how the Galileo thermometer was born.

It is a coloured crystal balls that float in a liquid and depends on the temperature rise or fall depending on the density. As temperature changes spheres rise or fall indicating approximate temperature.

Ways to decorate with the Galileo thermometer

To decorate with the Galileo thermometer it is important that once you know how it works, think how you can go better in your home to decorate and at the same time enjoy its use. Once you have purchased it do not put it anywhere, first think about how you can get more use, so do not miss these tips.

At the entrance

Putting this thermometer at the entrance of your home is a very good idea because as soon as you enter your home or when you leave it you will realize that you have an instrument that is also decorative and that will provide you with the temperature that will be in the room. You can put it on top of a bookcase where it is very visible, on top of a hall with some decorative detail around it or just the thermometer as a decoration that will also be a great decorative idea.

In the living room

The living room is also an ideal place to decorate with this thermometer because it will bring elegance thanks to its beautiful design. You can put it on the dining table, on a sideboard or on a shelf. What matters is that it is in a high area because if you put it in low areas it could be in danger of falling and breaking, especially if you have children or animals. So in the area you put it must be a place that even if the stay is traveled, there is no danger of falling and breaking.

The bedroom

In the bedroom it is also a good place to decorate with your Galileo thermometer because whenever you go to sleep or before leaving bed, you will know the temperature that is in the room. Also, being so beautiful and decorative it can look great on your bedside table, on top of the dressing table or on a shelf.

On the outside of your home

Another idea to decorate with the Galileo thermometer is to put it on a window sill, on your porch or in your garden. It will look very nice but you should know that if the temperature is below 18ºC or above 26ºC, then it will not be able to show you the approximate temperature there is. In this sense, depending on the temperature that usually is outside your home, it is better to use it inside your home than temperatures usually hover around these temperatures and then it could be more accurate.

Where is not a good idea

Although it is your decision to put it or not, where it would not be good to use it is in the bathroom or in the kitchen. While it is true that it can make use and possibly work well if you have a good place to be able to place it, being busy and moving stays there is more danger that the Galileo thermometer may fall and break.

Either way, if you think that somewhere in your stay it can look good, then do not think about it and just put it on. Enjoy its design, the decor it provides in your home and how good it makes you feel just by looking at it. It has a fairly relaxing effect when you are watching and the spheres slowly rise and fall depending on the temperature in the room.

For example, if you have it located in the living room and you are hot because the temperature is above 26ºC and you put the air conditioning and the temperature down to 23ºC, then you will see the movement of the spheres and it will relax doing it. The same happens conversely, if you are cold and the temperature of the stay is less than 18ºC, but you put the heating the spheres will float as the temperature rises, it is ideal!

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