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Different ways to wear the suit this winter

Estilismos con traje de invierno

The costume is an excellent choice for everyday life. A set of pieces always appropriate for formal situations that we can also easily adapt to our leisure time. Choosing the accessories right is the only thing we need to do for the last our styling.

The choice of plugins is very important. The same suit can serve us in very different situations if we know how to choose the right accessories. Salons, for example, remain a great option for completing outfits. However, this year the boots are postulated as protagonists to create a trend with this garment.

Suits have always formed a good tandem with shirts and salons. It is the most classic bet among which we propose. A choice that we can update by betting on an oversize shirt and ankle boots that provide a masculine look to the styling.

Estilismos con traje de invierno

Ankle boots are another shoe option to complete outfits. However, if you look at this year’s trends, we notice that military-inspired ones are the favorites to do so. Yes, pick up the trousers inside military style boots become this year the best option to create a trendy styling.

Estilismos con traje de invierno

Suits with oversized patterns look the favorites to show off this trend combined with Basic T-shirts. Don’t you dare with this new trend? You can soften that aesthetic by betting on high heeled boots that help stylize your figure.

The most special occasions are also a fantastic opportunity to wear a suit. A jacket with built-in cape or a vest can transform a suit into a party alternative. In gray tones and with contrasting complements in bold colors are a choice of ten.

And you? Are you friends with the suits or do you prefer to wear their clothes separately?

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