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Discover the autumn collection of the firm Olive

Moda otoño de Olive Clothing

This is not the first time we’ve brought Bezzia’s designs to Bezzia . English Olive. We cannot resist that simple, country character that exude their garments. And we can’t avoid envy that attention to detail they convey with each of their campaigns.

We like Olive, whether or not they are for us the fashion proposals they present. That’s why we haven’t been able to avoid sharing some of your designs with you for the coming fall. An autumn that will dominate blues, greens and warm colors such as yellow or camel.



mark their own trends, something that is not customary today. In its catalogue you will find garments in a wide range of colors. However, in the images of his new campaign, the protagonism of blues, greens and warm hues such as mustard and camel is notable. In addition, we liked to find in its catalog small brushstrokes in lilac tones.

Moda otoño de Olive Clothing

garments Dresses with floral print always have their hollow in the Olive catalogue. We especially love the design named Jeanne Garden in medium length, with V-neckline and bow sleeves. A dress that we could combine with any of the warm cardigans that the firm proposes.

Moda otoño de Olive Clothing

But it not only presents Olive dresses with floral print. The picture prints also have a great prominence in the collection. And just as the flowers represent the romantic side in it, the paintings provide that rustic character so characteristic of the firm.

The collection also highlights the bumps. They never fail between the firm’s proposals combining in autumn/winter with warm sweaters. And if there is another group of outstanding garments in Olive, those are the printed shirts in naif style. A hallmark of the shape next to the striped t-shirts.

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