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Discover the most common types of stress

Did you know that there are different types of stress? We talk about something very common in our life, because at any time, the word stress can appear from nowhere. That is why it always advises to know exactly what exactly it refers to and the types we can encounter of this problem.

I’m sure you know it’s always called a response or a reaction that fires in our body. Of course, such a reaction will always be caused by a problem behind it. Today we talked a little more about it and of all the guys we’re going to meet.

What is stress?

Although I’m sure you already know the answer, it is not too much to comment that it is an answer or a defense of the body. This is because we may be subjected to severe pressure and therefore, our body has to react to try to mediate between it. Hence there is a certain alteration that will change the whole process of our body, until such a phase passes and can return to its normal state. But even if we now look at it like this above, it is true that this can last for a long time and that it can have quite complex triggers, which will lead to bigger problems if it is not solved.

After all this, triggers already know that they are a more nervous and irascible mood , as well as changes in our mood, which alters all sorts of personal situations and the quality of it. But we can also notice intestinal problems or physical pains, among others. Depending on what each of them is, we’ll have to talk about one type or another kind of stress. Do you know them all?

Types of stress

Types of stress can be several, it is true, because they are not always given the same way. But still it can be established in these large groups that follow:

Acute Stress

Perhaps it is one of the most frequent, because it is said that it is the one that originates at certain times. I mean, on a timely basis. It is always triggered after a limit situation to which we are subjected. But as we said, it is supposed to have a fixed duration. Which makes it not prolonged in time. Hence, this first guy is easier to deal with. You’ll feel more tired, with some tension throughout your body, that you can notice through the heart rate or, in the form of headaches or body in general.

Episodic stress

It is generated because part of the acute stress but in this case it is repeated more often. What seemed to begin with an episode of acute stress, in the end it is a repetitive sequences that do not cease. So it becomes episodic and loop-shaped. This is due to the fact that in his life he has great pressure. True, sometimes, we find it in people who already have anxiety, a somewhat less affable character and in pessimistic people. Because negativity means we can’t get out of that loop. Being so repetitive, it is true that also the symptoms will be installed more permanently and the pains or discomfort will be more complicated.

Chronic Stress

When we have a situation in life, to which we do not see the way out, then it can lead to stress of a chronic type. To which you can add family problems and also at work. All this repercussions and in the end, you never get to see the light in order to get out of it. You need to look at the beginning to be able to move forward. Because this kind of stress can lead to a fatal outcome. So before all this, we must put ourselves in expert hands who can help us. Seeking professional help, changing habits, and fighting for goals or motivations are some basic steps.

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