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Do you know the differences between dizziness and dizziness?

It is true that we usually make the same allusion for both and it would not be entirely correct. Do you recognize dizziness and dizziness? I’m sure a lot of people, unfortunately, do know what it feels like in each case. If not, nothing like discovering it between these differences that we tell you today.

Because when we notice that the body is somewhat unstable, we tend to say we’re dizzy. But within that, there are various variations and as such, they will have to be taken into account. Since the feeling of a vertigo is not the same as a dizziness. To be a little clearer, don’t miss everything that follows!

Origin of dizziness and dizziness

The origin or the causes of dizziness and dizziness is already one of the major differences. True, sometimes you can not generalize too much, because the reasons for a dizziness can be a lot more. But broadly we will say that a vertigo comes from a disturbance in the ear. It is in this area where it is controlled in equilibrium and when there is any alteration, we will notice the feeling of dizziness. The most common vertigos are so-called positional and less frequent, peripheral ones that begin in areas of the head.

While the causes of dizziness and not dizziness, can be numerous: Tensions, contractures, cervical problems, nervous problems, etc. All of them lead us to feel that dizziness because blood does not reach our brain well. It can be sudden, last a few seconds, or lengthen a little longer with several episodes throughout the day.

The most common symptoms in both

Without wanting to be heavy, we insist that everyone can have a slightly different symptom. But, from our own experience, we’ll say that when we talk about dizziness, we’ll have a feeling that we’re going to pass out. It seems that the body doesn’t respond well, we feel like we’re going to fall, weak. The most common thing is that it is just the sensation and, despite being very unpleasant it does not happen from there. You’ll soon feel better again, although depending on what the cause may be repeated throughout the day or feel that feeling for some time.

While if we talk about the symptoms of dizziness, then the sensation usually changes. It is true that we can have the body quite regular and that in addition, we feel that everything is turning us around. Sometimes it’s the feeling that things are and others, that it’s us. Although in one way or another, it is one of the most unpleasant sensations. Because it can also come with nausea, notice that your eyes are cloudy, feeling that we can’t stand, etc.

How long do dizziness or dizziness last?

As for dizziness, there is always a difference that they are passed earlier. But there will also be exceptions. Because dizziness caused by cervical or anxiety, will last longer than others for different reasons. But still if we have to compare, then it is said that vertigo can last hours. Since after the episode it is true that there is a kind of hangover left and the body has to recover in full. This makes it dizziness that will affect everyday activities.

Treatment for dizziness and dizziness

For dizziness, you always have to look for the cause and try to find the solution, which is usually faster and without taking medication. Except for some cases as we have been commenting on. Of course, vertigos do need to be evaluated by the doctors, who will prescribe a few pills and in a few hours, we will recover. It is true that they can repeat again or maybe not. It will always depend on the person, but we must always follow the instructions of doctors. Have you ever had them?

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