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Eating Well During Pregnancy Improves Your Children’s Brain Development

The future can be difficult to predict, but one thing is for sure: intelligence and quick thinking will always give your child an edge. If you want your child to succeed in school, college, and work, there are many factors involved, but there is one thing any mother can control: what she eats during pregnancy.

The foods you eat while you’re pregnant have a big influence on your baby’s brain development. If you can’t supply the right nutrients, or many of the wrong ones, you can add or remove points from your IQ before you even see a school book. Give your baby the mental boost needed by eating these beneficial foods.

Increase your seafood consumption

All nutritionists agree that eating fish is one of the best things a future mother can do. This is because most fish contain high concentrations of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Ignore the “fatty” appearance – these nutrients will not accumulate in kilos.

Eating a diet rich in both types of omega acids stimulates the production of brain cells and helps to avoid anxiety, which can also promote a better adjusted personality in children, making it a beneficial situation for everyone.

Try to vary your diet as much as possible

We are all told to eat a balanced and diverse diet to provide the nutrients our bodies require, but this is especially important for pregnant women. That’s not just because she needs vitamins and proteins to feed herself and her child.

Eating a wide variety of foods accustomes the fetus to many different tastes and smells. If you eat a varied diet during pregnancy, by the time it is born, your child will have experienced many of the smells and flavors they will find later.

The developing fetus is inspired by what its mother eats. If the mom eats it, then the baby processes it as “good” and is more likely to eat it later. This has obvious advantages when trying to get children to eat their vegetables. On the other hand, it is more than obvious that mothers should avoid alcohol.

Avoid junk food to protect your child from obesity

During pregnancy, there is a temptation to consume unhealthy but satisfying meals. That’s fine: after all, natural cravings can not always be overcome, and your body needs carbohydrates to cope with pregnancy. However, it is vitally important that mothers do not overeat junk food, and not only for their own benefit.

If you eat too much junk food during pregnancy, it has massive effects on what is known as the “opioid receptors” in your child’s brain. These cells are part of the body’s energy regulation system. If they don’t work properly, people find it harder to control their intake of fats and sugars, and they need more than both to achieve a sense of satisfaction.

This makes them much more likely to gain weight in childhood and in adulthood. A substance called choline helps unborn babies form regions of the brain that are associated with memory. Luckily, choline is found in high concentrations in pork products and eggs, so a fried breakfast can provide crucial nutrients for the promotion of yu son’s brain. That doesn’t mean eating bacon snacks and hot dogs. The level of saturated fats in these products will be harmful to you and your child. But it does mean eating lean pork, eggs and nuts, all of which are rich in hills.

If you have more questions, talk to your doctor to guide you about your best diet while your pregnancy lasts, both for your benefit and for your baby.

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