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Exercises with fitball to get in shape

It is true that there are many ways we have to get in shape through workouts. But in this case we are left with the exercises with fitball. We know it and it is that it is that big ball that we have used in disciplines like Pilates.

That’s why if you also have it, it’s time to make it more use. In a simple way, we will be able to exercise the whole body. In addition, we can do them at any time and corner. There are no more excuses for not getting down to work! We started!

Stretching thanks to fitball

We start with stretching because it is true that this is not an exercise that involves intensity, but it does have benefits for our body. Stretching well is always synonymous with health and avoiding injuries after exercise. That’s why we can do several of them with the ball. One of the most common is to soften the lumbar and back, so we need to throw back on the ball, careful that it does not escape us. We’ll stretch arms and legs well. If you do not have balance, then semi-bend your legs a little. You can massage gently by moving the body from side to side on the ball, but always in a very delicate way.

A little work for abs

The truth is that core work is common in these types of exercises. So we started by making a variation of those we know as climbers. Which means you have to move your legs to your chest with your arms on the ball.

But of course, we can also add variants: To do this, we must rest your hands on the floor, stretch your body back and feet on the ball. Now we have to bend our knees to bring the ball to our chest level, or whatever we can. I mean, you have to shrink your legs and stretch them again, but always without losing control of the ball. What does it seem very simple?

Iron with fitball

True, when we talk about irons, we know that we have a variety of them. But each and every one has a great advantage over the body. Since it exercises numerous parts of the body at once. One of the main is the abdominal area. But you’re also going to strengthen arms, legs or back. In this case you can make it stretched with your feet resting on the floor and your elbows on the ball.

But in addition, you can also start on your knees and tilt slightly forward with your elbows on the ball. You can roll such a ball forward with your elbows and in the same way, draw it back to you. It seems simple but it costs a little. When you have more balance. Instead of leaning with your elbows on the fitball, do it with your palms. Stretch your body back and slightly lift one leg, hold on for a few seconds, and then do the same with the other.

Legs and abductors

Another of the basic exercises is this. True, it has many variants and although they are simple, it is true that they can cost slightly. In this case, it is about lying on your back and holding the ball with your ankles to go up slowly. Then you’ll go down a little, without touching the ground, and you’ll go up again. It will begin to pull both the leg area as well as the part of the abdomen. Just remember that you need to climb and down with your legs stretched, avoiding too much arching the lumbar area. If you notice that you are doing it, then don’t go down so much and go back up faster.

Side stretching, other exercises with fitball

A very simple exercise is to get on our knees. Next to it, our fitball and the leg next to it, we leave it bent. But the other one lengthened it and we lay sideways on the ball. But yes, maintaining a more upright posture. Only, we drop slightly on it. We also stretch the opposite arm, like all the oblique. Do you exercise with fitball too?

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