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Food supplements that improve your beauty

Nowadays beauty not only comes from outside, from the creams and cosmetics that we can use on our skin, but we also know that it comes from within, from what we provide to our body. That is why food supplements have become so popular, which can improve your beauty from different points.

Let’s look at some interesting food supplements that you can take, many of them completely natural, to improve your beauty. There are many food supplements that may be interesting to treat various problems.

What are food supplements

Although in the face of any health problem people should go to their GP, we know that many of these supplements are often used for certain problems or to improve aspects of our beauty from within. These food supplements are supplements that have various ingredients, with vitamins, minerals, fibers, fatty acids or plants. The composition is the most important thing, since each is formulated to deal with something in particular. So we can know a little more about those who may interest us to improve our beauty from within. Normally we recommend taking two or three capsules although everything depends on the recommended daily amount, for which we have to read the instructions well.

For hydrated skin

The skin can be moisturized from the inside with pearls that carry ingredients that help nourish the skin. Arkopharma capsules carry beta-carotene, which is a precursorof vitamin A, which helps us keep the skin in perfect condition. Vitamin E helps to avoid oxidative stress on the skin, being a fundamental ingredient for younger skin. They also have borage oil and evening primrose oil to keep skin hydrated and smooth from within.

Keratin Capsules for Hair

There is a lot of talk about keratin capsules for strengthening hair and nails. Do not forget that keratin is a fundamental ingredient of both, so it is necessary in its formation. This protein is part of more than 90% of the hair. There are many people who during the fall see how their hair falls out. Although this is a natural process, it is true that we need the hair to grow strongly at the same time so that a loss of density does not occur. That is why it is essential to help us with this type of food supplements. These capsules strengthen the hair and also nails. You’ll notice how your nails don’t break so much with these treatments.

Capsules Cumlauda Drenaqua

There are many supplements we can take to reduce swelling and fluid retention. Some have formulas with more ingredients for greater effect. We know that supplements formulated based on algae, pineapple or horsetail have this effect. These capsules are formulated based on green tea, which we know is antioxidant, magnesium and potassium. Magnesium is draining and helps maintain fluid balance in the body and so does potassium. It is indicated for people who retain fluids and for periods such as premenstruation.

Sesderma Sescellulex

It is formulated for the prevention and treatment of cellulite and localized adiposity. These capsules contain borage and fish oil to obtain fatty acids that keep the skin in good condition. Bioflavonoids fight capillary fragility, improving circulation. Bromelain helps to make digestions and is diuretic, thus improving the use of food. These capsules help prevent fatty deposits from forming in localized areas, although it is recommended to use them in the framework of a balanced diet and exercise to notice more their effects.

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