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Foods that help study

Sometimes, we need a correct diet to improve in our studies, it is important to give the best food to our brain, since it is the nutrients of those foods that make us be concentrated and energized.

Maintaining a correct diet has many advantages, prevents our body from rusting, that we are overweight or cholesterol, and of course, it helps us maintain a concentration and memory work as they correspond.

A good diet not only affects cognitive processes, it also affects our emotions, helps us maintain good brain health and good mental function. Mental health is every day more on the order of the day, so it is very important,take care of our diet to take care of our mind.

In order for all our brain functions to be well, we recommend a series of foods that will not only help you focus on the study, but will allow you to maintain a very good overall health of the body.

Foods that help study

A few weeks ago the school year began again, both primary school children, school kids or university students have started classes and must focus again on their studies. To do this, it is not only necessary to have time, study techniques or tricks to memorize, you need to take into account the food very much.

Remember that we are what we eat, so do not miss the following list of foods that will make you improve in your studies.


Oats are rich in protein and also has a high biological value, for a few years it became fashionable to consume oats and is not for less, since the fats they provide are very low and vitamins and minerals very significant.

This cereal is good for the nervous system because of its high content of vitamin B1, it is recommended to consume it in times of stress and is beneficial for short-term memory.


Carrots are very beneficial for the body, and they help us improve our memory. The beta-carotene they have within their composition is very good for increasing our retention capacity. In addition, they have a lot of potassium and phosphorus, ideal to recover all kinds of tired mind.


This dried fruit is rich in phosphorus and this makes it a very effective food for activities such as studying or any activity that is related to intellectual performance. On the other hand, thanks to the lecithin and vitamin B they contain, nuts give us energy and prevent rapid memory loss.


Eggs improve attention and our memory if consumed in the long term. In the egg yolk we find Choline, a vitamin from the B vitamin group. Keep in mind that the consumption of eggs should not be abused because it could produce a little cholesterol.


This blue fish is rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3, and this fish oil enhances every learning process.

Avocado and salmon

On the other hand, and following the same line as tuna, both avocado and salmon are rich in omega 3 and help improve concentration rates.


These forest fruits are perfect to drink and enjoy both their delicious taste and to increase long-term memory capacity. They are also antioxidant foods very rich in vitamins C, help to activate enzymes that are dedicated to protect the brain and improve memory.


This fruit apart from delicious, is satiating and is very present in many recipes as it is quite versatile. Banana possesses potassium, and is also rich in vitamin C, magnesium and fiber.

For all this, it is considered an ideal fruit for improving brain functions, since in addition, it contains vitamins B6 that help the production of various neurotransmitters that are related to concentration, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.

Coffee and tea

These two drinks are very common when it comes to consuming them when a person seeks to be more awake and concentrated, both the caffeine contained in coffee or tea theine, help improve memory and concentration. These two drinks should be consumed with both caution because it could greatly alter our natural biorhythms of the body.

Belleza con yogur


Dairy products are very good for health, they have calcium and nutrients, and in this particular case yogurt is recommended to increase concentration and improve in studies. This is because yogurt provides an essential amino acid called tyrosine, which helps the production of neurotransmitters,and these help improve memory and sense of alertness.


On the other hand, pasta also allows to increase concentration and be better in studies. A good pasta dish can be a good meal if you need to study or be more focused. This is because the complex carbohydrates they have are ideal as food for the brain, allow for superior cognitive functioning.

In this pasta dish you should not overdo the sauce or grated cheese, because the idea is not to swell, but focus on eating the carbohydrates that pasta possesses. With a small dish is more than enough, so reward the pasta first and add vegetables that you like.


Chicken is also an ideal food to concentrate better and be able to study in the best conditions. The brain needs proteins, and once it consumes them, the body releases the amino acid tyrosine, which as we mentioned earlier makes us think quickly and clearly.

Chicken contains high-quality protein, and to improve performance it is ideal to cook it on the grill, baked or steamed. Chicken should be on our diet two to three times a week.

Pure chocolate Pure

chocolate is perfect for maintaining a good concentration in the studio, eating a chocolate piece in the mornings or before going to study or work can be very beneficial to increase our energy. We need to keep in mind that chocolate should be pure, with a minimum of 75% cocoa, since milk chocolates do not fulfill this function.

Consider all these foods to improve when you study or need to have greater concentration on what you do.

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