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Fresh perfumes for women

The smell we choose has a lot to do with our tastes and often ends up becoming a hallmark. The smells are very important and suggest many things, hence on the market we find so many different types of perfumes. Today we will see some fresh women’s perfumes ideal to use in everyday life.

Fresh perfumes are usually used during the summer and also for the day, as the deepest smells are better for the night or for winter. But it is a kind of perfume that usually likes and can be used all year round. In addition, these perfumes are chosen by many women who enjoy this kind of smells.

CK One by Calvin Klein

We start with one of the freshest fragrances we know, with the peculiarity that it is a fragrance designed for men and women, since its fresh smell serves both. It is already a classic that will never go out of fashion. It is part of the aromatic citrus family. In the top notes we find lemon, pineapple, tangerine, bergamot, cardamom and papaya. In the heart notes there is lily, violet, jasmine, freesia, rose and nutmeg. On its base notes we can smell cedar, sandalwood, musk, moss, amber and green tea.

Noa de Cacharel

There are some perfumes that have been with us for years and that today are authentic classics that we always return to and Noa de Cacharel is one of them. This fragrance was launched in 1998 and still today we can easily find it. It is in the family of Woody Floral Musk and its top notes are white musk, peony, freesia, peach and plum. In the heart notes has lily, lily, jasmine, rose, green grass and ylang-ylang. In the base notes we offer a great blend of vanilla, coriander, sandalwood, incense, tonka bean and cedar.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

It is launched as a new and reinvented version of Miss Dior, a perfume that is already a classic in Dior’s signature. It is known that this designer has a great love for flowers and that is why he focuses on them on many of his creations, including perfumes. In this case try to inspire us with a dress made with flowers, elegance and nature. In its starting note we find a Sicilian mandarin scent. In her heart she mixes pink peony, Damascus rose and peach. In the base notes we find a soft white musk.

La vie is the beautiful of Lancome

This perfume tries to bring us a wave of femininity, beauty and happiness, with the famous phrase Life is Beautiful. With this presentation we can only find a cheerful and fresh perfume that radiates happiness. It is a sweet perfume, from the floral fruity family gourmand. As top notes features currant yolk, bergamot and pear. In the notes of cirazón we find irises, jasmine and orange blossom with a very floral touch. On its base notes are tonka bean, praline, vanilla and patchouli.

Yes from Giorgio Armani

This perfume is a tribute to the most modern femininity, inspired by the strength and independence of women with a hint of grace and lightness. It belongs to the olfactory frame of fruity cyprus with notes of black currant and green pear, bold and fresh. In its heart we find mayo rose and freesia and in the base notes are patchouli and vanilla, in an intense and pleasant finishing touch. If you enjoy those fruity aromas that end softly, this can definitely be your perfume.

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