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From sandals to high boots

Estilismos con botas altas

This week weather has forced us to take the heavy artillery out of the closet. Who had not yet made the change of closet had to make it forced by the low temperatures and rain. And so, in just over 20 days it’s like many of us have gone from sandals to high boots.

Because high boots are not only a great ally to keep our feet warm when temperatures drop as they have done this week. They also protect us from getting soaked when there is no way to open the umbrella. And now that we’ve taken them out, we’re not going to forget them again.

Ankle boots and boots become the protagonists of our outfits at this time of year and this will be no exception. The black boots will once again be the favorite, although we can find them with very different designs so that we can all adapt them to our style.

HighEstilismos con botas altas

leather boots with high heels will remain one of the great protagonists of the season. They will, however, have great competitors. Elastic cane boots and thick sole will become the favorites to complete casual fit outfits.

Estilismos con botas altas

The first will be favorites to complete outfits with midi skirts and blouses with puffed sleeves, breeches and knitted jumpers or basic jeans and shirts. Perfect outfits to work, go out to dinner… 24-hour styling.

Flat boots with elastic cane and thick sole, meanwhile, will become great allies of masculine inspired styles, combined with suit pants or jogging pants. But they will also help us give a casual and rebellious touch to very feminine outfits made up of knitted dresses and sweaters.

Do you usually wear high boots? What kind of boot do you like best?

Images — @tsangtastic, @jessiekass, @darjabarannik, Style du Monde, @dilettabonaiuti,, @2moodstore, @leoniehanne, @mija_mija


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