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Furniture wheels, which one to choose?

Furniture with wheels allows us to redistribute any space whenever you want and as you want in a simple and comfortable way. A feature that in small spaces and with more than one use is especially useful to allow us a better use of it.

We can buy furniture with wheels; that is the easiest way to dispose of these in our homes. But we can also transform the furniture we already have with the aim of improving the functionality of a space. Furniture wheels is all we need.

Furniture wheels will help us create more versatile and dynamic spaces. In addition, they will make it easier to clean the floors by allowing us to easily move even the heaviest furniture. It will be necessary, however, to pay attention to the type of furniture wheels that we buy, to prevent these from grating the floor or small accidents.

Types of wheels for furniture

Before you start looking for wheels for a concrete furniture and letting us seduce by its aesthetics, it is desirable to have clear both the dimensions and weight of the furniture, as well as the functionality of the same. These factors may require wheels with certain characteristics:

  • Made of what material? It is possible to find on the market wheels made of nylon, polyurethane, rubber, wood, metal… But as important as the quality of the wheels will be that of the plate which, preferably, must be metallic.
  • Fixed or rotating? Nowadays most furniture castors are swivel, however, if this feature is not necessary we could save a few euros betting on fixed wheels, wheels that move in a single direction.
  • With brakes or without brake? A desk chair, a waitress to store kitchen utensils and a side table. It is furniture that does not require brakes. However, the same does not happen with a work table or kitchen island; work spaces that would not perform their function well if we could not keep motionless.
  • What weight do they bear? This is undoubtedly one of the features that we will have to look at, especially if the wheels are for heavy furniture. There are wheels that can hold up to 90K in weight. And do not be fooled; a larger diameter is not always related to the endurance in weight of them.

According to its aesthetics

The above features help us to make a screening among the many options on the market. But as important as these is to choose wheels that are in line with the aesthetics of the same. Because otherwise, the image of the furniture could “deteriorate.”

  • Industrial style. Metal wheels are the most popular for transforming industrial style furniture. Oversized vintage-style ones look especially good on coffee tables in this style. We can also find wheels in other black and small size materials by completing these furniture. They are more discreet and give greater prominence to the furniture.

  • Rustic style. Rustic style furniture usually made of wood and with natural or white lacquered finishes, usually benefit from their union with small black wheels . Furniture wheels that give all the prominence to wood.

  • Modern style. Unlike rustic furniture, modern wheels are one more element to draw attention to. They are larger in size and have well-defined colors. Along with the black wheels, the combined designs in both materials and colors, as well as those in colors such as red, pink or blue stand out.

You can find furniture wheels in your trusted hardware store as well as in large areas such as Leroy Merlin, Bricomart… Although if you are looking for something more special and with a vintage character you can always browse second-hand stores like Wallapop or Todocolección.

Do you like furniture with wheels? Don’t you think it’s very practical?

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