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Get in the Body Jump, everything you need to know

If you are looking for an exercise for this autumn-winter season we advise you to study the possibility of being able to sign up for Body Jump classes.

It is a very complete exercise that helps improve cardiovascular endurance and also, complements with other benefits for our body. We tell you what it consists of and all its benefits.

This fitness training is an exercise that is practiced on an individual trampoline, so it is practiced by jumping continuously ensuring that the legs are exercised and the rest of the body is kept all the time in motion.

Body Jump classes usually last 45 minutes and help increase heart pumping and burn many calories, it is estimated that a high-performance class can burn between 600 and 900 calories.

What is Body Jump?

As we said, the Body Jump is a very active exercise practiced on a trampoline that is hooked on bungeeropes, that is, they have no springs. The trampoline may have hooked a metal bar that helps hold hands to make other types of movements.

The Body Jump not only seeks to train the body but to help the lymphatic system through physical activity in a fun and very entertaining way. One of the best advantages we can find from this exercise is that when jumping on a trampoline the impact on the knees and joints is less.

The classes are very dynamic and fun and usually have a duration of 45 minutes and 15 minutes of stretching and rest . More intense series and movements are interspersed with motivating music with more relaxed music.

With this activity you will manage to strengthen the lower area of the body, but at the same time, arm exercises are performed at the same time as the torso is toned, soit is highly recommended to keep in shape in a fun and entertaining way.

Benefits of Body Jump

Jumping on the fitness trampoline is very beneficial for our body, not only does it allow us to lose weight also helps us to clear the mind and maintain a stable mental health. In general, all kinds of sport helps us to secrete endorphins and serotonin, the hormone of happiness that makes us feel better.

Below we analyze what are those benefits you should not miss.

Allows you to increase strength, endurance and balance

This sport is very beneficial to increase our endurance, strength and balance, three very important aspects that we must control in the face of old age.

It increases the coordination of the body, and being a high intensity exercise makes our resistance also increase without putting our back or joints at risk.

Reduce our daily stress

Classes are very entertaining and fun, they fly away and allow us to eliminate daily stress. This is achieved thanks to the large number of endorphins that secretes the body, makes us feel good.

It can be practiced at any age, with any type of body or physical condition

This exercise does not have any contraindications for it to be practiced by children, adults or people with different physical states.

The choreographies, routines and techniques that are used are very simple to implement.

Other benefits you should not miss

  • It is beneficial for muscles and bones.
  • It helps to remove toxins from the body.
  • The body is strengthened by jumping and the heart pumps more bloodto help the lymphatic system.
  • Improves the coordinationof the body.
  • Naturally produces endorphins and serotonin, acts as a natural analgesic.
  • Tones mostly buttocks and legs.
  • You can lose between 600 and 900 calories in a class.
  • It enhances the balance and coordination of the body.
  • Improve our endurance.
  • It is recommended to people who have blood pressureproblems, because it helps to lower it.
  • Helps maintain sugar levels in the body.
  • If accompanied by a proper diet, it helps to lower cholesterol.
  • It helps to reduce cellulite, and exercise focuses on the lower part of the body.
  • Strengthens the lumbar region allowing improvements in posture.
  • It

  • increases motivation, it is an exercise that usually enchants people and therefore, it is done with great constancy.
  • It is a perfect exercise to try at least once in a lifetime as it is very innovative and beneficial.

So are the Body Jump classes

If you wonder what the Body Jump classes are like, then we tell you how they usually develop, so you can generate a clearer idea of what you might find.

This exercise allows you to enjoy it in a totally different way than other sports, for the following reasons:

  • Using a fitness trampoline is something new and the feeling of jumping is a lot of fun.
  • It is a sport that can be done at home having your own trampoline while watching classes online.
  • Collective classesin sports centers are very beneficial, as they allow the motivation to be much higher.
  • Instructor training is perfect for you to keep motivation high and can correct incorrect postures.

In these classes, small jumps are interspersed, with slow jumps, others faster and higher. In addition, classic aerobics movements are carried out, and not only work on top of the trampoline, you can also work on ground and combining the two spaces.

Although it seems a very technical activity, it is important to emphasize that all people who want to start you in the Body Jump can do it without problems, people of all ages can do it because they jump on a bed Elastic greatly attenuates the impact of joints such as knees, and prevents injuries.

Jumping in a Body Jump class allows you to burn up to three times more calories than running in that same space of time, so it is very recommended to lose weight, besides, it is very fun and classes fly by.

Contraindications to Body Jump

Although it is a very beneficial exercise, like all sports, we find contraindications, which however small they are, it is advisable to consult your GP your intention to start with Body Jump classes if you want to start with Body Jump classes if you you have a condition in your body, such as a heart problem or a very serious injury to your legs.

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