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Maybe you’ve found that you don’t have much in common with your partner. What in the beginning the crush blinded you now have noticed that you and your partner are night and day. Do opposites really attract? You may believe this, maybe not, but the thing is that people tend to say that the more different you are from your partner, the better your relationship will be.

They are supposed to balance each other and keep things interesting. The idea is that if you and your partner are too similar, you will get bored too quickly with the relationship. But on the other hand, what happens if you have nothing in common with your partner and is really ruining your relationship? What to do when you really love each other but it doesn’t seem that those strong feelings and bond are enough to save you? Don’t worry, you don’t have to break up. You can make your relationship work. Read on to find out how to deal when you don’t have anything in common with your partner.

Learn the art of engagement

What do you do when you love romantic comedies and your partner won’t see anything except an action movie? Sure, you can go to the movies separately and watch your beloved romantic comedies with your best friend. But that’s not a good way to do it, as they really want to spend time together since you’re a couple.

If you want to know what to do when you have nothing in common with your partner, you should learn the art of engagement. That means sometimes, each of you is going to watch Jennifer Aniston’s latest comedy, and another Friday night, you go to the movies to watch the latest James Bond film.

None of you have to be totally happy about that, you can’t exactly pretend to be someone who is not or does not like something that simply does not like, but at least they will spend time together. Honestly, that’s the most important thing right now.

pareja diferente pero feliz

Interested in the hobbies of each


You don’t have to do Crossfit just because your partner does, and you may not share your passion for being creative in the kitchen. But that almost doesn’t matter. If you’re wondering what to do when you don’t have anything in common with your partner, think about being interested in each other’s hobbies. It doesn’t mean you have to completely change who you are or what you like to do in your spare time. And neither does your partner have to do that. That’s not the goal for your relationship to work.

You just want to show the other person that you love her, that you care about him and that you’re totally committed to making the relationship work. This means worrying about what matters to the other person. Think about what this means to you.

You may want to accompany your partner to a Sunday morning training (even if you hate him, you don’t have to tell him that, it may be your little secret). And maybe he can cook a new recipe with you once a week, even if you’re worried that he can burn something all the time. Once you can focus on hanging out together instead of how different they are, they’ll have fun and forget what worried them in the first place.

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