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Have meaningful conversations with your children to motivate them

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Personal conversations with your child are crucial to taking advantage of motivation intrinsic of a child. Children are curious by nature and invite them to understand why something makes sense can attract their intellect.

There are parents who often bribe their children to behave while making the purchase with the promise of a toy or a treat “because it works”. But to the reality it is that children behave better with those who do not bribe, but makes everything a life lesson. For example, if your child cleans his bedroom you can point out how beautiful it looks. Children need to know why things, such as why the bedroom has to be arranged to keep it clean and organized.

Think Like Your Child

If you have children who resist motivation to do things right, ideally start seeing things through your child’s eyes. Then talk about the importance of the activity respectfully. If your child doesn’t want to clean his room because he is tired of extracurricular activities, you can say something like, “Why don’t you rest and after a snack can you arrange your room so you can find everything you need to do your homework?” Refrain from using language like “you should” and “have”… it’s also important that you offer your help in case you need it.

familia que motiva a sus hijos

Ask what it feels like

Ask your child how it feels to doing a particular task while doing so can also contribute to the kind of happy environment that makes children want to cooperate. Questions like, “What do you think about doing your homework yourself?” and “How does it make you feel to have finished that task now?” can lead children to ideas they would not otherwise have had about their achievements.

Another effective strategy to get children to change a bad habit: Show empathy by asking how you can help. In this way the father and child is placed on the same side against problematic behavior in the context, rather than organizing a battle.

Children’s solutions to problem behaviors often work better than those suggested by parents, because children are interested in their solutions working… In this regard, when a conflict arises trust your child’s thinking and if it’s okay with what he tells you, then just do it! Your child also wants to be well and do things right, so their creativity can help a lot in this.

You can also motivate your children by feedback during conversations about how they handle their responsibilities. Instead of taking a trip to the park as a reward for doing homework, try to catch your child one day when it’s finished at a decent hour. While you’re going to the park, he notes that the natural consequence of doing his homework early allowed him time to have fun later. This thought of natural consequences will help your child do things right on their own next time.

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