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Help your child sharpen his memory

Childhood is all about learning and it’s easier if you have a good memory. A child will excel in school if he has a good knowledge retention ability. In addition, you will be enriched because you will be able to better remember your experiences and this will help you build good life skills.

Memory is of great importance in child development, but it is important to know that remembrance is not something fixed. There are strategies and tricks that help young people sharpen their memory for their benefit. Don’t miss these tips to help your kids improve their memory.

Eliminate Stress in Learning

Stress will cause the mind to block. This will therefore not allow information to flow freely into the mind or to be reflected on it. That is why it is necessary that in order to study always be done in a calm situation without high pressure. Establish pleasant rituals so that the study does not feel like a punishment.

Memory games Memory

skills are like a muscle that grows with use, so you have to make sure it is used every day. You can ask your child daily questions to think things or remember others. This way, within a normal conversation you can make use of your memory.

More Reading

Reading is necessary to work memory, but after reading them, it is important to talk about that reading to make memory and think what has really been understood from the text. Reading is good for intellectual development but also for your mind to really take advantage of it, you will have to get involved in what you read.

When a child participates in active reading strategies, they are more likely to be easier to form long-term memories. Active reading strategies include not only taking notes and highlighting as most students do, but also talking out loud and answering questions about the material they are reading. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask him questions about the reading he reads.

Talking about memories Memories

are also good options for work memory. You can think about things that have happened to you in life that have made a difference in your life and remember the details. Get your son to do the same. As he grows, help him create stories from his memories. Your child’s memories will be richer and he will learn to convey them in a clear way.

Making connections

To work well memory it is important to learn how to make connections. When new memories are not “learned” it is often because they have no prior knowledge to adhere to. Therefore, helping your child create connections between the things they are learning can strengthen their memory. It is necessary to capture your interest in order for this to be possible, to establish connections between what was already known and the knowledge acquired and new knowledge to learn.

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